Newton Grove leaders go over speed limit

By: By Chase Jordan -

NEWTON GROVE — Town leaders are working to make more motorists slow down behind the wheel.

During a Monday meeting, Newton Grove Commissioners approved to lower the speed limit on U.S. Highway 13.The approved ordinance, would change the speed from 55 mph to 35 mph, past a nearby subdivision that begins at Irwin Drive and Giddens Road, to the outskirts of the city limits. Through the change, the speed will increase to 55 mph after 300 feet.

In August, the issue involved speed and the town’s traffic circle, which is the main thoroughfare. At the last meeting, Commissioner Steve Jackson mentioned lowering a portion of Highway 55 and other streets after being approached by residents about the matter.

During conversations with county officials, Jackson suggested having sings to deter people from breaking the speed limit.

“Smile, you’re being radared,” Jackson said about the suggestion. “It just kind of makes people tap their breaks if they think that it’s there. We can add that right below the speed signs.”

Commissioner Laura Wheeler later questioned why the speed limit was not consistent on every artery in Newton Grove.

“It’s confusing to me as a citizen,” Wheeler said about speed limits switching in certain areas.

According to the town’s traffic code, the only locations with 35 mph signs is Weeks Circle, west, less than half a mile at the intersection of Carolina Street; and Weeks Circle eastward on N.C. Highway 55 for a little less than a mile, to the corporate limits. The remaining are set at 45 and 55 mphs. The ordinance was passed in 1977.

In order to change the sings on certain roads, state and county authorities would have to sign off on the requests. Mayor Barbara Burch said the matter will placed on next month’s agenda along with costs.

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By Chase Jordan

Reach Chase Jordan at 910-249-4617. Follow us on Twitter at @SampsonInd and like us on Facebook.