DOT projects slated across Sampson

Nearly $6M in endeavors total 40 miles

By Chase Jordan [email protected]

Road sections contained in the S.T. Wooten Corp Contract

• N.C. 50 (Mt. Olive Hwy.), east of Newton Grove. Approximately 3.75 miles. The section runs from Emmet Thornton Road/Corbett Road to where N.C. 50 meets N.C. 55 at the Wayne County line

• Cornwallis Road (south of Turkey) where it is contained within Sampson County. Approx. 6 miles. It runs from Carrolls Road to slightly past Johnson Road

• Parker Memorial Road, north of Salemburg. Nearly 2 miles, from High House Road to Honeycutt Road

Clinton area

• State Route 1222 (Beulah Rd/West Main St). Approx. 4.5 miles from U.S. 701 to just south of Overland Road

•Beaman Street, slightly over 1 mile. From College Street to North Boulevard

• Sampson Street/College Street, approximately 0.9 miles, from U.S. 701 Bus to McKoy Street

• Dixon Street from North Boulevard to Northeast Boulevard. Approximately a tenth of a mile

• West Elizabeth St., approximately 1.5 miles, from Indian Town Road to Lisbon Street

• SR 1839 (North Wall Street/McKoy Street), from Sycamore Street to Elizabeth Street, approximately a tenth of a mile

• SR 1231 (Lisbon Street/East Main Street), approx. a tenth of a mile, from West Elizabeth Street to College Street

• Vance Street (one tenth of a mile), from Sampson Street to McKoy Street

• East Main Street from McKoy/North Wall Street to Lisbon (a tenth of a mile)

• Glenn Road, approx. 0.2 miles, from Tram Road to dead end

Plain View/Spivey’s Corner area

• Alderman Mill Road, for 2.8 miles, from Christmas Tree Road to N. Spring Branch Road

• Core Road, approx. 1.3 miles, from Plain View Hwy. to Union Grove Church Road

• Taylors Chapel Road, approx.. 2.8 miles, from U.S. 13 (Fayetteville Hwy) to Christmas Tree Road

• SR 1617 (Old US 421), approx. 0.7 miles, from Plain View Hwy. to Plain View Hwy.

• Jada Allen Road, approx. 1.2 miles, from Green Path Road to Harnett County Line.

— S.T. Wooten

The North Carolina Department of Transportation recently awarded contracts to two companies which will improve about 40 miles of roads for residents and motorists traveling through Sampson County.

Work for the projects, totaling $5.8 million include milling, resurfacing and grading the shoulders on sections of highways and secondary roads.

One contract for $3.5 million was awarded to the Wilson-based S.T. Wooten Corporation and will improve a section of N.C. 50 and 17 sections of secondary roads. Around half the roads listed in the contract require only patching and time spent on each road will vary based on the paving required, usually varying from a day to a week. Some of the listed areas include the Clinton area, Plain View and Spivey’s Corner.

Eva Hornak, communications manager for S.T. Wooten, reported that no major road closures are planned and that only sections of a lane will be closed for work.

“Most of the work on individual sections will not last very long,” Hornak said. “There are no official road closures planned, so it should be flagging to get around sections left to pave. We try to keep our disruptions to a minimal because we know traffic is hard on everybody and can be stressful and challenging.”

Another contract was awarded to Barnhill Contracting Co. for $2.3 million. The focus will be placed on 18 secondary roads throughout Sampson County. Additional information about the selected roads and closures will be released in the future. Work by both companies may begin in mid-March and is expected to be complete in June 2022.

The project is part of a goal to upgrade more than 100 miles of Southeastern North Carolina highways and roads. S.T. Wooten were also awarded two contracts to improve more than 57 miles of roadway in Pender County. For $2.6 million, a section of U.S. 17, N.C. 210, and three sections of N.C. 53, and three secondary roads. The other is for $3 million and will focus on another section of N.C. 210, N.C. 53 and seven parts of secondary roads.

The estimated completion time for these projects is spring 2022.