Harrells residents take part in garden workshop

On April 8, the Harrells Community Center held its first Community Garden Workshop on composting.The organization is planning a community garden. The garden will provide nutritious foods for many citizens in the Harrells area.

The informative workshop was delivered by Brian Rosa, Sustainable Solutions consultant, of the BE New Organic World, LLC. This workshop is one in a series that has been given at the Garland Senior Center, The Coharie Tribal Center in Clinton, and the Harrells Community Center.

The group was very excited about the information received on how to develop compost from food waste and other sources. These workshops are designed to help people learn the process of planting, growing, and harvesting a food crop. The program is provided through a grant that provides nutritious food to those who are Snap eligible and any other citizen that is in need.

Those attending the meeting were Sampson County Extension Master Gardeners, ladies from the Garland Senior Center, and the Harrells Community Center.

We are looking forward to a bountiful harvest very soon. Please spread the word in the community and surrounding areas about our garden. Please feel free to vote using this website http://www.seedsofchangegrant.com so that we can get the 20,000 Seed of Change grant that we have applied for to help us in this gardening process. We ask that each and everyone come out and support our efforts in our HCC Community Gardening Project.

Anyone who wishes to volunteer time in the garden or is interested in planting something in the garden may contact Russell Lee at 910-214-1079.