Distance learning expanding at SCC

Sampson Community College is expanding the opportunities for distance education. -

As technology in constantly changing, so are the ways of learning within education.

While Sampson Community College offers a variety of learning opportunities to ensure students select the style that best suits their needs, distance learning is growing at SCC with additional classes offered in 2016.

Online and hybrid classes are not your traditional face-to-face instructional avenue, however, it is a growing market at Sampson Community College. An online course does not have scheduled on campus class meetings. It is an integrated learning program entirely accessed via a computer with an Internet connection.

Sampson Community College offers more than 60 curriculum courses and more than 203 general courses through Distance Learning. Distance learning has increased 14% within the past year, a trend that is expected to continue. Students taking courses online work independently, study at their own convenient time and place, and submit assignments electronically. A hybrid course is taught partly in the classroom and partly online.

Blended courses allow the student to benefit from both methods of teaching: online and face-to-face. Students will be required to attend a certain number of on-campus class meetings. In addition, some of the required meetings will be held online. The online portion of the class allows students to attend “virtual” classrooms via the Internet.

At SCC, 67 percent of curriculum students take advantage of distance learning in some capacity, with the most popular online classes including sociology, psychology and early childhood. Starting in January 2016, Sampson Community College is expanding their online course offerings with certificate programs that are offered 100 percent online. These programs include: Community Spanish Facilitator for Native Spanish Speakers, Criminal Justice and an Early Childhood Infant/Toddler Certificate.

“We are excited about offering several new distance learning courses in the human services program that was implemented at the start of this semester,” said Lew Gravis, Director of Distance Learning. “Additionally, we have recently secured a web conferencing platform known as Big Blue Button that will allow faculty to have real-live time interactions with students in their distance learning courses. This will help bridge the gap and reduce the ‘disconnect’ some students feel in online courses by allowing them to see and interact live with an instructor in their web courses. Our goal is to have our online courses offer a comparable experience that a student would typically have in a traditional, seated-course setting.”

In addition to new courses, the North Carolina Video over Internet Protocol (NCVIP) is an interactive, two-way video network that connects universities, colleges, secondary schools, medical centers, and other agencies throughout the state. Sampson Community College is a participant on the NCVIP with a state-of-the-art video classroom.

The network is a two-way, fully interactive, full-motion video and audio system connecting specially designed classrooms in participating institutions. Using the telecommunications technology enables an instructor and students in distance learning classrooms at an institution to hear, see, and talk to students in comparable equipped classrooms at other locations.

Students interact with instructors through video monitors, microphones, faxes, telephone, and other devices. The simultaneously interactive environment means that an instructor and all students remain in visual and verbal communication at all times during a class.

NCVIP classes enable an instructor at SCC to teach to clusters of students at distance sites or for students in the NCVIP classroom to be able to receive instruction from a remote site. This two-way interactive system allows the college to import courses giving students access to classes that are not available locally.

For more information about the variety of educational opportunities at Sampson Community College, visit www.sampsoncc.edu or call 910-592-8081.

Sampson Community College is expanding the opportunities for distance education.
https://www.clintonnc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/web1_DistanceEducationPhoto.jpgSampson Community College is expanding the opportunities for distance education.