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By: By Kristy D. Carter -

During this holiday season, there is no better gift to give than the gift of life. That’s the word Sampson Regional Medical Center’s Blood Donation staff wants to spread in hopes of keeping blood donations coming in during a critical time of year.

The Sampson Regional Blood Donation Center has a good amount of blood on hand, but can always use extra donations — ultimately a gift that could save someone’s life, they said.

According to Debbie Gautier, RN, blood donor coordinator, the local blood bank currently has an adequate supply of all blood types available, however, the coordinator added, the blood bank can always use all types of blood to get through the holiday season, a time when donations decrease and demand increases.

“We have enough to get us through the holidays, but if people don’t come and donate, we will have a shortage,” Gautier said.

During this time of year, Gautier said the demand for blood increases and the number of donations usually sees a decrease. This, she said, is typically due to the busy lifestyle everyone is living.

“With everything everyone has going on, most of our donors just don’t have the time to come in, and a lot of them feel someone else will do it,” she stressed.

According to Gautier, the O negative blood type is important to have on hand. Considered the universal donor type, anyone can receive O negative blood. The problem, Gautier explained, is that O negative is a very common blood type and when someone who is O negative needs blood, that is the only blood type they can receive.

Typically, Gautier shared, the blood center likes to collect 150 units of blood a month. This, she said, allows them to stay ahead on their numbers. On average, the blood center gives out 140 units of blood each month. Gautier explained that the blood center likes to have about 50 units of O positive blood, 35 units of A positive blood, 10 units of B positive blood, four units of AB positive blood, 20 units of O negative blood, 10 units of A negative blood, six units of B negative blood and two units of AB negative blood available to those in need.

Once the blood has been donated, Gautier said there is a 35-day shelf life. But, she added, the blood doesn’t stay around that long. The majority of the donations given out from the blood center, she added, go to cancer patients. All the blood given at the Sampson Regional Blood Donation Center stays in Sampson County and is given to local residents.

Thanks to Tarheel ChalleNGe, Gautier said the blood bank received 53 units of blood during a recent drive.

“This really helped us get through Thanksgiving and through December,” Gautier added.

This gift, Gautier said, is the ultimate gift and only takes about 45 minutes for first-time donors and a little less for those who have donated before. For those interested in donating, there are requirements. A donor must be at least 17 years old with parental consent of 18 years old otherwise. Anyone who is currently taking antibiotics or prescribed blood thinning medicines is unable to donate. There is a 12-month waiting period for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer or had a heart attack. For those who have recently received a tattoo, body piercing of any kind or transfusion, the 12-month waiting period also applies.

When potential donors come in, Gautier said they are screened. The potential donor’s hemoglobin is checked for iron levels. The center’s staff then checks the donor’s vitals and a questionnaire session is held to screen the donor. If everything checks out, Gautier said they can then donate.

Before any donation, Gautier said a good meal is recommended and after donating, the donor should drink plenty of fluids to replenish the body. A donor can donate every eight weeks. At each donation, Gautier said about 450cc of blood is drawn.

“If someone will just come donate the first time,” Gautier said, “I know they will be back to donate again.”

The Blood Donation Center is open Monday-Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome during these hours and then by appointment Thursday-Friday. If you are interested in donating or scheduling a blood drive, call 592-2689, ext. 2253 or 3144.

Blood drives will be held at Murphy Brown and Grove Park Baptist Church in the next few weeks.

“This is the perfect gift to give,” Gautier said. “It can help save someone’s life.”

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‘Gift of life’ urged to ward off shortage

By Kristy D. Carter

Carrie Bass, PBT (ASCP), with the Sampson Regional Medical Center Blood Bank gets supplies ready for a donation. Bass, PBT (ASCP), with the Sampson Regional Medical Center Blood Bank gets supplies ready for a donation.

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