Chamber prepares for upcoming year

The time between Christmas and New Years has always been a time of contemplation for me. I contemplate on both the year that is ending and the year that has yet to begin. So often it seems that time rushes forward with few changes. However, I recently read a quote from Steven Spielberg saying “All of us every single year, we’re a different person. I don’t think we’re the same person all of our lives.” This is interesting, and I believe it is true.

My name is Anthony Sessoms. I am the current President-Elect of the Clinton Sampson Chamber of Commerce. As this year ends, I reflect on the changes we have seen at the Chamber of Commerce.

Applying Mr. Spielberg’s logic, the Chamber of Commerce is a different “person” at the end of 2015 than it was at the beginning. I also think about the changes we will soon see in 2016. I am excited about the changes.

As far as 2015, you may now be aware we have experienced administrative changes at the Chamber of Commerce. During the month of December the Chamber has been guided by our Board. Many have dedicated hours upon hours to ensure the Chamber ran smoothly during this busy time of the year.

In the last edition of the Chamber Chat, our President, Alison Carr, thanked others for their hard work and dedication. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her. She literally camped out at the Chamber of Commerce office during parts of November and December.

She appropriately thanked others who were most deserving of her gratitude. Alison deserves gratitude for her efforts as well. She led by example by rolling up her sleeves and making things happen along with the others she mentioned, with many other board members, Ambassadors, Chamber members and friends. The experience is a great example of the Clinton Sampson Chamber of Commerce collectively making the community better.

As far as 2016, the Clinton Sampson Chamber of Commerce will have a new Executive Director starting on Jan. 4. In lieu of introducing her in this letter, I will introduce her at our next Member of the Week which will be on Jan. 4 at N.C. Marble & Granite Company (2064 Southeast Blvd, Clinton) at 10:30 a.m.

I will, much like Mr. Spielberg, offer you a “trailer” of sorts. She is a recent graduate of NCSU and is a native of Sampson County. She comes to us after working as an intern at another Chamber of Commerce. She has experience with the Chamber’s software and seems to be a great fit for us. Now come out to the aforementioned Member of the Week event to meet her. If not then, please give her a call or stop by to make her feel welcome.

Finally, as we all look forward to the New Year I wish you the best in your businesses and in your personal lives. Remember, we are working together for total community development.

I wish you a Happy New Year.

For more information regarding the Clinton-Sampson Chamber of Commerce, including how you or your company can become a member, please call us at 910-592-6177, visit our website at, or stop by and say hello.