County rec names Perez Volunteer of the Month

Coach Marco Perez coaches children from the Sampson County Parks and Recreation’s Dixie Youth Baseball league.

This month’s honored volunteer is recognized for his significant contributions to the welfare of young athletes participating in the Sampson County Parks and Recreation’s Dixie Youth Baseball league.

More than just coaching them, Coach Marco Perez strives to inspire the children to believe in themselves and perform to their inner best.

“I love the challenge of taking a group of players and putting a team together and watch them learn not only the game but what it really means to be a part of a team, whether we win or lose,” the coach said.

His outstanding sportsmanship serves as an example to both young athletes and visitors to the games as his focus remains always on ensuring the games stay fair. His dedication to fairness has not gone unnoticed either.

“Before every season is over, the boys are already asking me with a smile, are you couching next year? Then I know that I need to continue doing my part as a community member,” Perez said.

Of course, the boys’ enthusiasm might also be encouraged by a few of the other little extras Coach throws their way. After each game, Coach determines one player of the game to award a specially decorated ball in recognition of their athletic spirit. The key to this award is that it is not based on winning or losing – it’s all in how they play the game.

“We don’t forget to have fun,” he said. “Every season, we strive to be a part of a great Dixie Youth Baseball team. If the players continue having fun every season, I will continue to be there for the ones that come – good or bad, big or small, great or not, we’ll have them all.”