Daughtry elected to lead N.C. Pork Council board of directors

RALEIGH — Mark Daughtry, a Clinton hog farmer and sow production manager for Prestage Farms, has been elected president of the North Carolina Pork Council’s board of directors. He was installed as president during the N.C. Pork Council’s annual conference in February, along with two new board members and a new slate of officers.

“It is a tremendous honor. I’ve been in this business for nearly thirty years and never imagined that I would become president of the N.C. Pork Council. It is the highlight of my professional career to represent our industry and I look forward to promoting the valuable contributions of the pork industry in North Carolina,” said Daughtry, an N.C. State graduate who has operated a family farm since 1989. L&M Daughtry Farm includes an 800-sow, farrow-to-wean operation and nine finishing floors.

Daughtry has been recognized nationally for his responsible environmental stewardship. He received the National Environmental Steward award from the National Pork Board in 2010 and the N.C. Pork Council’s Environmental Steward Award in 2009. He has been a member of the N.C. Pork Council board since 2011.

Other officers elected to the N.C. Pork Council’s board of directors include:

Brandon Warren, Vice President: Warren is a family farmer from Clinton. His 6,500-acre farm includes row crops, a large herd of beef cattle, and a 3,300-sow, farrow-to-finish operation. He has served on the N.C. Pork Council board since 2010.

Everett Johnson, Treasurer: Johnson is a family farmer from Surry County who has been raising hogs with his brother since 1985. He has served on the N.C. Pork Council board since 2003 and has served as secretary/treasurer for the past seven years.

Stephen Williamson, Jr., Past President: Williamson is a Kenansville hog farmer who produces weaned pigs for Smithfield Hog Production Division and finished hogs for Smithfield and Maxwell Foods. He has served on the N.C. Pork Council board since 2012.

New Board Members Elected

Two new board members were elected to serve on the N.C. Pork Council board of directors:

Jay Foushee: A family farmer from Roxboro, Foushee operates a 120-sow operation that produces about 1,900 feeder pigs each year. He also grows corn, wheat, soybeans, and hay on his 800-acre farm. Foushee previously served on the N.C. Pork Council’s board of directors and has been active with the National Pork Board.

“It’s an honor to serve alongside such a great group of pork producers,” Foushee said. “I’ve seen a lot of changes in the pork industry over the past twenty years, but one thing that has remained the same is the quality of the pork producers who work with the N.C. Pork Council to keep pork production a viable business for farm families.”

Christina Phillips: Phillips is Director of Production Research for Smithfield Hog Production Division in Rose Hill. She holds a master’s degree in swine nutrition from N.C. State and a Ph.D. in swine management from the University of Minnesota.

“I am excited to have been elected to represent District 4, which includes my home in Duplin County, on the N.C. Pork Council’s board of directors,” Phillips said. “I look forward to helping promote, educate, and enhance the pork industry’s image to help it remain sustainable and profitable for North Carolina.”

“We are fortunate to have such a dedicated group of individuals willing to volunteer their time and expertise to promote North Carolina’s pork industry,” said Andy Curliss, chief executive officer of the N.C. Pork Council. “I am grateful for Stephen Williamson’s strong leadership over the past year and look forward to working closely with Mark and the entire board to represent the farmers and companies that have made North Carolina one of the nation’s leading pork producers.”

The N.C. Pork Council board is comprised of 18 district directors elected by the membership. Additional board members include representatives from allied industries, meat processors, and individuals serving in a national pork industry position. Representatives of N.C. State, the N.C. State College of Veterinary Medicine, and the N.C. Department of Agriculture serve as non-voting members of the board.

Clinton residents Mark Daughtry elected president, Brandon Warren elected vice president