FFA offers vast — and new — experiences

By: By Elizabeth Brewer - FFA member

This summer I participated in a student exchange program through the Midway FFA Chapter. Through this exchange program students from North Canaan, Conn. came to North Carolina for a week after which Kara and I traveled back home with them. During these two weeks I experienced several new things in North Carolina as well as Connecticut.

While we were in North Carolina we got to see many things within our community. Some of these things included visiting a cotton picker repair company, family farms, the North Carolina FFA camp, and many other activities. As we were visiting these places it allowed me to be more aware of how many great things are in Sampson County as well as North Carolina. During these tours the two girls from Connecticut got to see things that they never had before.

After we spent our week in North Carolina we then traveled to Connecticut to the two girl’s family farm. This farm included 1,500 Holstein milking cows that they milked several times a day. As we were at the family farm we were able to milk as well as pregnancy check cows. Some activities we participated in while we were there included touring famous dairy farms, zip lining, seeing NYC, as well as seeing the many beautiful things that Connnetcit had to offer. Through this exchange I was able to meet new people and see things that I never would have been able to before.

The FFA has offered me so many new experiences in the one year I have been a part of it. I encourage everyone who is able to become part of their high schools program to join. I will forever be grateful for this amazing opportunity as well as wonderful people who have now become a part of my life.

By Elizabeth Brewer

FFA member

Pictured are Morgan Jacquier, Kara Holland, Elizabeth Brewer and Bailey Jacquier.
https://www.clintonnc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/web1_Girls-in-Connecticut.jpgPictured are Morgan Jacquier, Kara Holland, Elizabeth Brewer and Bailey Jacquier.