Survey reveals most annoying phone habits

By Roy Badillio - Guest columnist

With the newest technology right at our fingertips, it can be easy to get caught up in the virtual world instead of staying in the present. While smartphone reliance increases, so does the importance of phone etiquette. This Cellphone Courtesy Month, U.S. Cellular is sharing its research findings that shed light on America’s most frequent and annoying cellphone habits, in order to help raise awareness of cellphone courtesy.

According to a recent U.S. Cellular survey, 56 percent of smartphone owners believe that no one gets upset at them for their phone use, however, 71 percent of the same people get upset at others.

In honor of Cellphone Courtesy Month this July, U.S. Cellular is pointing out some of the top offending habits and some tips for practicing good cellphone etiquette.

Using the phone while driving: Not only is using a phone while driving a basic annoyance for 83 percent of smartphone users surveyed, it is a safety concern. However 44 percent of smartphone users admit to doing it. The solution? Put the phone down while driving and focus on the road.

Looking at a phone during a conversation: According to the survey, 67 percent of smartphone owners think it is rude to look at a phone while having a conversation in-person, yet 45 percent of them also sometimes check or use their phone to avoid having conversations. Instead, take a break from the device and enjoy the present and the conversation. Turning on your iPhone 7s’ Do Not Disturb mode or Samsung Galaxy S8’s Blocking Mode allows you to block all notifications and calls, while selecting specific contacts that can ring through in case of an emergency.

Looking at a device while walking: While we all lead busy lives and multitasking is often the answer to our problems, 61 percent of smartphone owners get annoyed when people stare at their phones while walking. It’s important to look up and check the surroundings as 36 percent of smartphone owners have had someone walk into them because they were on their phone and 24 percent have personally walked into someone or something because they were on the phone.

At U.S. Cellular, we know how important a high-quality network with nationwide coverage is when you are using your cellphone. Cellphone Courtesy Month is the perfect reminder that phone etiquette is important in enhancing not only your online experience, but also the time you spend with family and friends.

Abide by these tips in the month of July and beyond to ensure proper phone etiquette. Along with putting down the phone at inappropriate times for use, remember to use proper etiquette when using the phone as well, such as responding to texts in a timely manner, choosing calling over texting when tone and delivery of a message are important, and avoiding excessive texting in group messages.
U.S. Cellular analysis shows differing opinions

By Roy Badillio

Guest columnist

Roy Badillio is the store manager for U.S. Cellular in Clinton.

Roy Badillio is the store manager for U.S. Cellular in Clinton.