Matching grant opportunities available

By Kaitlin Adkins - Contributing columnist
The Clinton-Sampson Chamber Member of the Week is Big Blue Stores, Inc. -

The Chamber is excited to continue to offer matching grant opportunities to the members of the Clinton-Sampson Chamber of Commerce for both façade improvements and capital equipment. With the second deadline approaching on Nov. 30, I encourage you to learn more about this opportunity by visiting

The matching grant for outside improvements is a program designed to assist Chamber members with financial support in regards to the outside of their business. In an effort to help beautify our county and give back to the community, we are introducing this incentive to all Chamber businesses. The goal of the Matching Grant for Outside Improvements is to provide an economic incentive to renovate storefronts for Chamber members and/or to assist in the upkeep and appearance of their business to continue economic growth. Examples of Qualifying for Outside Grant include signage, paint, diding, roofing, awnings, hand rails, windows, becoming handicapped accessible, etc.

The second matching grant is designed to assist Chamber Members in the purchase of equipment that will increase their customer base and target markets. The goal of the Capital Equipment Incentive is that the addition of the equipment will expand their business, in turn, creating jobs.

To be eligible for this grant program, the business must be an Active Chamber Member for at least two years, requested by the owners and/or tenants (any tenant must have the owner’s written permission included in the application). Grants are given on a 50/50-matching reimbursement basis

The reimbursement grant will be funded up to four times a year with a maximum limit of up to $500 each grant, per recipient, per year – totaling $2,000 to four separate chamber members each year.

For example, if a business owner purchased, or plans to purchase, new signage that could improve the façade of their business that costs $1,200, the Chamber Member could apply for the Outside Improvement grant and if accepted, would receive up to $500 reimbursement grant to use towards the cost of the sign. Each project using grant funds must be complete within 90 days after the grant is funded or within the previous 6 months.

As always, I encourage you to let the Chamber work for you! For more information about the Chamber Grant Program, contact the Chamber office at 910-592-6177, e-mail, or visit

The Clinton-Sampson Chamber Member of the Week is Big Blue Stores, Inc. Clinton-Sampson Chamber Member of the Week is Big Blue Stores, Inc.

By Kaitlin Adkins

Contributing columnist