SCC donors, scholars meet face to face

By: By Dan Grubb - SCC

It’s a good feeling to donate to a great cause, particularly when that cause can impact a person’s entire life and place it on a course to change it forever. It feels even better when you get to meet that person face to face and see the joy it brings to that person.

This is exactly what happened at the 8th Annual Scholar-Donor Celebration hosted by the Sampson Community College Foundation this week. With more than 120 guests that included students, staff, donors, Foundation Directors and Trustees, Foundation Director Lisa Turlington kicked off the event.

“The Scholar-Donor dinner is a wonderful opportunity for students who receive Foundation scholarships to meet the families and business leaders who make education a reality for them,” said Turlington. “Our donors especially enjoy seeing their gifts in action through these motivated students. Many of them work full-time and have families, so scholarships can truly make a difference.”

The welcome and invocation for the event was offered by Sampson Community College President, Dr. Paul Hutchins, who was excited to see the meetings between donors and scholars.

“The SCC annual Scholar-Donor Celebration is one of the great events conducted by the SCC Foundation,” said Hutchins. “It brings together the people of vision and generosity in our community that provide the scholarship funds that are awarded each year with the student recipients. It provides an opportunity for the students and donors to meet and for the students to convey their gratitude. It was a great night for Sampson Community College.”

Dr. Paul Viser, who gave the closing remarks at the event, also serves as the SCC Foundation’s President—and is a donor as well.

“The Scholar-Donor cookout is the highlight of our year at the Foundation. Our chief end is to assist and to serve the students as they push to better themselves at Sampson Community College,” said Viser. “That is why the Foundation was formed decades ago, and that’s why we exist today. It’s always great to interact with the students at this annual event bringing all of the scholars and all of the donors together for food and fellowship. The experience recharges my batteries, making me all the more convinced that our work on the Foundation Board is absolutely worth the time and the effort.”

US Foods and Papa John’s sponsored this year’s event, providing food and refreshments for all the guests.

Deborah Hall, who is on SCC’s Board of Directors said “It’s amazing to see the fun, fellowship, and appreciation shown by SCC staff, donors and recipients at the annual appreciation dinner. Everyone is going above and beyond to help each other feel comfortable and welcome. It is one of those heartfelt functions that includes all ages, races, and religions.”

Much to the delight of faculty, staff and everyone in attendance, the list of donors and scholars is extensive and really puts a perspective on just how impactful donations can be.

“I am so thankful for all the donors that give so that deserving students can achieve, despite any obstacles they may face.” said Sandra Carroll, who serves on SCC’s Board of Trustees.

Turlington adds, “My assistant, Brandon Wiggins, and I are lucky to have such a collaborative work team that pitches in to make Foundation events happen. The dinner would not have been possible without the help of our senior staff, all of our division chairs, our student services department, our SGA officers and SCC Ambassadors, and our maintenance staff.”

For information on establishing a scholarship or giving to the Foundation, call Lisa Turlington at 910-592-8081 ext. 2042. To apply for a Foundation scholarship, go to

Sampson Community College Foundation friends Paul and Diane Viser with Lyman and Penny Horne. Community College Foundation friends Paul and Diane Viser with Lyman and Penny Horne. Courtesy photo

Dean of Students Blair Hairr with Sandra Carroll, vice-chairwoman of the Sampson Community College Board of Trustees. of Students Blair Hairr with Sandra Carroll, vice-chairwoman of the Sampson Community College Board of Trustees. Courtesy photo

By Dan Grubb