Vital Statistics

Building Permits

Henry Norris, residential addition

Robert Hostetler, residential addition

East Coast Mobile Home, mobile home-setup

James White, residential addition

Frankies Mobile Home Service, mobile-home setup

Thelton Best, residential addition

Land Transfers

Jane Forde to Jane McGrigor

Sarah and Thomas Huettl; and J. Carlton McLamb to Rogelio Bonilla

Angela, James and Patricia Hylton; Patricia and Walter Rand to Prestage Farms, Inc.

George Wilson Family Enterprise to G. Wilson Construction Company, Inc.

Donald and Patrica Balkcum; John and Judy Coon; to James Walker Sr.

A.F.T.E.R., Inc. to Martha Almandarez and Luis Padilla

Anne, Patrica and William Craig; W. Dempsy Craig Trust to Rudcar Farms, Inc.

Reavis Tew to Faron and Matt Davis

Hal and Sondra Tew to Faron and Matt Davis

Arthur and Rhonda Taylor to Kondaur Capital Corporation and Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2014-4

Brenda and Jerry McLamb to Brenda and Jerry McLamb

Caliber Home Loans, Inc.; LSF8 Master Participation Trust; U.S. Bank Trust N.A to Scott Clemmo

Johnny Chestnutt; Chestnutt Ventures, Inc. to Jesus Rodriguez

Willa Bower, Betty and Delbert Carr; Anne and Samuel Murray to David Carr

Cameron, Caroline, Karen and William Sutton; William B. Sutton Jr. Family Limited Partnership to Harry and Kristen Cummings

Ocwen Loan Servicing, U.S. Bank National Association to Granite Community Recovery Fund

Our Castle Homeowners Fund II to Granite Community Recovery Fund, LLC

Granite Community Recovery Fund, LLC and Jeffrey Merrick to Sunrise Properties and Rentals, LLC

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Beverly and Henry Warren to Beverly and Henry Warren

Honesta Faircloth to Hilda Bullard, Honesta Faircloth and Brenda Gregory

Evelyn and Jim Hobbs; Donna Mims to Kenneth and Shirley Gautier

Betty and Timothy Smith to Charles Faircloth

Betty Amos to Jimmy Amos

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to Tony Owens

Annetta, James, Kenneth and Shirley Johnson to Kenneth and Shirley Johnson

Bank of America to HUD and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C.

Alfred and Lue Herrring to Terry Henry; and Alfred and Lue Herring

Henry Boykin to Edward Boykin

Connie, Janice and Ronnie Dudley; and Brenda Jackson to Janice and Ronnie Dudley; and Brenda Jackson

Matthew, Janice and Ronnie Dudley to Brenda Jackson

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Secretary of Housing and Urban Devlopment of Washington, D.C.

Sherry Minor to Stephen Minor

Donald and Gail McClanahan to Donald, Gail and Joseph McLanahan

Sampson Community College to Brenda and Dennis Hicks

Cynthia and Marshall Falatovich to Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church of Clinton

Sharon and Wayne Bethea; Sharon Simmons to Sharon and Wayne Bethea

Eunice and Ronald Morgan to Clinton and Pauline Chapman

Howell Edwards Jr. and Edwards Enterprises of Dunn, LLC to Kerri Maynard and Dillon Smith

Edens GP, Northside Plaza to Jeffrey Bell

Maria Ortencia Fernandez to Yadira Rosas

Jose Benjamin, Jose Sul to Flor Angel Rosas-Morales

Jimmy Marshburn to New Birth and Deliverance and International Church

Leonard Atkinson Jr. to Ronald Atkinson

Priscilla Johnson to Jonathan, Priscilla and Thelma Annette Johnson