Vital Statistics

Land Transfers

Zilphia Moore to James Ballance

George, Nancy, Ronald, Terrell, Veronica Stevens to Greg and Patricia Weathers; and Mary Tillery.

Ethel and Willie Jenkins; Lynwood Pollard to Charlene and Leotis Dantzler

Olde Towne Investments to Joshua and Natalie Brown

Elmer and Gail Adams to Michael Herring

Beverly and Henry Warren to Beverly L. and Henry Mason Warren Jr.

Curr-Well Development and T. Gerald Howell to Doris, Perdomo Martinez

Kenneth D. Bradshaw to Ben T. Warwick

T&P Service Center, Inc. to Logan and Tyler Johnston

Daniel and Mary Beth Williams Laurie; Amalie, Celesta, Dennis Keith, and Dewey Martin III Williams to Daniel B. and Mary Beth Williams Laurie.

Ann C., Mary Lyon, Robert Edmund, and Williams Cullens Robinson to Patricia Ann McDuffie

Belvoir Farms, Inc. to Eva J. Greene and Ralph B. Greene Jr.

Ardella and Vickie Boyette to Adam and Shannon Dempsey

Betty Westbrook, Janice, Joann, Joseph, Raymond and Robert Hudson; Billy and Dixie McLamb; to Irma Tomas and Jaime Vasquez.

Ardella and Vickie Boyette to Adam Dempsey

Maretha Maynor to Malchow Chirinos and Kenneth and Raquel Malchow

Joel Parkers Farms, Inc.; Camelia and Joel Parker to Betsey and Rian Lane.

Emily and Larry Avery to Jason Clark

Bertie and Patricia Williams to Judith Nichols

Gail and Richard Stewart to Douglas Stewart

Jena and Ralph Cline to Larry Cline

Dorothy Parker Boone to Dorothy Parker Boone, Michael Boone and Karen Hill

Alice and Prentice Gainey to Alice and Prentice Gainey and Kimberly Knowles

Alice and Prentice Gainey to Alice, Jimmy and Prentice Gainey

Nell Britt Braswell Estate; Gary and Susan Hardin; Greg and Lisa Terry; Richard Wiggins to Ronald Braswell.

Clyde and Linda Hutton; and Linda Workman to Ginger Workman

Clara and Steven Riggleman to Deborah and William Sessoms Jr.

Judith Nichols to Michael Odum and Carla Phillips

Ann and David Weeks to Paula Register, Ann Weeks and David Weeks.

Ann Merritt to Stephen Todd Merritt

Aniuel and Velma Spell to Nilcia Almendarez and Bertin Tapia

William Freeman to Franz Eric Freeman

James William to Graig and Susan Swindell

Arthur Chavis, Marcille Chavis, Coletha Coston, Alex Faison, Joan Faison, Neely Estella, Kay Sims, Annie West, Johnnie West, Jonetta West, Joseph Randolph West Estate, Raymond West to James Hope and Lila Hope.

Emma Williams to James and Lila Hope

Coletha Coston to James and Lila Hope

Annie West to James and Lila Hope

Candace, Danielle and Justian Neely to James and Lila Hope

Jonetta and Josephus West to James and Lila Hope

Annie and Kecia West to James and Lila Hope

Johnnie West to Annie and Kecia West

Annie and Kecia West to Johnnie West

Caliber Home Loans, Inc.; LSF8 Master Participation Trust by AIF; U.S. Bank Trust to Jose Luis Hernandez Marquez

Clara Williams to Cheryl Williams

Blanche Carroll to Vickie Parker

Ellery and Margo Bowker, DMB Partners, LLC., Karen Sutton to Cherish and Christopher Naylor.

Chad and Patrice Baker to Patricia and Stephen Clancy

Tong Cheng Zhang to Johnnie and Lillian Warren

Deborah Smith to Sarah Williams

Anthony J. Phillips to Miguel A. Herrera

Jimmy and Sheila Stafford to Anthony Phillips

Kawanta Sampson to Towanta Sampson

Curr-Well Developments, LLC and Gerald T. Howell to Joey and Tammy Blackwell

Lanell and Larry Ammons; Helen and James Hair, Linda Hoffman, Peggy Honeycutt, Thomas Honeycutt, Scott and Sylva Manning, Dorothy Royal, Edward Royal, Charles and Lela Williams to Peggy Honeycutt and Thomas Honeycutt