Vital Statistics

Land Transfers

Christine and Elvin Savage to Elvin Ray Savage

Federal Home Loan Mortage Corportion; Townsend & Thomas Rogers to Andrew Stephens

Alice Gerard to Elizabeth and Gary Wells

DMB Partners; Karen Sutton, Elizabeth Wells; Gary Wells to Alex Anderson and Heather Anderson

Hilda and Steven Bass; DMB Partners, Karen Sutton to Cape Fear Industries

Lewis Williamson to Darius Baker and Corey Williamson and Lewis Williamson

Lanell and Larry Ammons; Helen and James Haire; Linda Hoffman; Peggy Honeycutt; Thomas Honeycutt; Scott Manning; Slyvia Manning; Dorothy Royal; Edward Royal; Charles and Lela Willaims to Peggy Honeycutt and Thomas Honeycutt

DMB Partners; Chad and Traci Kelly, Karen Sutton to Marcia Minnich and Robert Minnich

Larry, Patricia, Steven and Burek; Jennifer Cash, Micheal Cash; George and Nancy Lewis to Jason and Kelly Tyndall

Rhonda and William Rich to April Rich, Thomas Rich and April Whitehurst

Mary Ann Hill to Francisco Vasquez, Basilicia Ventura

Kelly Blue to Gary Blue

John and Susan Rouse to Kelly and Michael Chestnutt

Elizabeth Johnson, Nash Johnson, Julia and Stefan Stefanovich to Melissa Cudina and James Thatcher

Jim Warren Mobile Homes, T&W Development, Thornton Logging to Dilcia Gutierrez and Carlos G. Posadas

Jean and Ramona Sessoms to Debra Jordan and Rickey Jordan

Jean and Ramona Sessoms to Jean and Ramona Sessoms and Stephanie Sessoms

Kenneth Lee Carroll II and Taylor Carroll to Kenneth Lee Carroll II and Taylor Carroll

Judy Williams and Royce Williams to Angel and Mario Nunez

Judith and Tommy Altman to Lis Delorso

Margaret Bishop and Faye Curtis to Ann and Freddie Thornton