Vital Statistics

Land Transfers

James T. Hudson, Martha A. Hudson and Thomas Hudson to Justin R. Harvell

Darnella and Warren L. Faison to Maria A. Leon

Franklin Faison to Regina F. Corbett to Regina F. Corbett and Teresa F. Williams

Gloria Ann M. Gillespie to Stacie M. Gillespie

Doralene W. Matthews Revocable Trust, Edward Jones Trust Company, Doralene W. Matthews to Ashley E. Faircloth and Justin M. Lee

Hilda and Steven Bass; DMB Development, Inc; and Karen T. Sutton to Geraldine S. Carr and Walter F. Carr

The Quest Development Company of Dunn, Inc. to Deanna and Justin Benz

George E. Fennell and Jerry Fennell Sr. to Angeline King

Henry P. Lucas Jr. and Linda M. Lucas to James and Linda K. Faison

Gloria Jean Lucas Estate; Betty J. Lucas; Jesse Lucas; Vincent Lucas; Heather and Stanley Reid; Niko and Vincent Robinson to Antoine Lucas

Judy Best to Jeanetta, Larry, Linda Jamison and Matthew Best

Audrea D. Posey to Michael R. Fennell

Billy J., Sandra K., Tessa D. and William M. Boyette; and Laura B. Myers to Laura Beth McCullen Byrd and Connie Sue McCullen Thornton

Billy R. Hall and Connie I. Hall to Charles G. and Lyndia F. Sessoms

William B. Anders to William B. Anders and Angela K. Sessoms

Sue T. Pearsall and Thomas M. Pearsall to Jena D. and Ralph C. Cline

Lewis B. Capps Sr. and Velva K. Capps to Lewis B. Capps Sr. and Velva K, Capps

Margaret H. Averett; Phillip M.H. Averett; Melvin Henderson; Robin Henderson; Eleanor S. Hobbs; James M. Hobbs; Joseline M. Hobbs; Lloyd E. Hobbs; Mildred S. Jackson; Wendy King; Donald Pleasants; Wendy K. Pleasants; Sandra Reams to Margaret H. Averett; Robin Henderson; James M. Hobbs; Lloyd E. Hobbs; Mildred S. Jackson; Wendy King; Wendy K. Pleasants and Sandra Reams.

Patricia M. and Thomas R. Spell to Dean S. and William E. Purvis

Fay Servicing, LLC and Prof-2013-M4 Reo I LLC to Primestar-H Fund I Trust and Wilmington Savings Fund Society

Primestar-H Fund I Trust and Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Primestar Fund I TRS, Inc.

Ronald H. and Sheryl R. Wert to WC Martin Farms, LLC

Amanda Godwin and Kevin Godwin to Noe D. Sanchez

Erin Cashwell; Ronnie E. Cashwell Estate; Shaun Cashwell; Bradford Scott Hancox, admr; Derrick G. Joyner; Sheila C. Joyner; Fred Miller; Lisa Ann Cashwell Miller; Lisa A. Cashwell Witt to Patrick G. Chandler; and Charles S. Maxwell

Martin B. and James Boyette to Lisa A. and Brittany S. Mooring

Elmond C. and Jane N. West to Jonathan D. and Rebecca W. Beasley

Dale Pettigrew; Sarah S. Pettigrew; Charles L. Stewart; Dwain K. Stewart to Evelyn V. Hobbs; Felton F. Hobbs; Frank R. Hobbs and Pamela A. Hobbs

Bobby W. Denton; Lenwood N. Denton Jr., Nellie B. Denton to Kenneth M. Sutton; Gary T. Webster and Lynn S. Webster

Elsie Joyce Newton Bragg; Resia N. Carr; Barbara A. Newton; Ethel Newton; John W. Newton; Nellie G. Newton; Rose A. Newton; Sylvester Newton; Wisbon Newton Jr.; Wisbon L. Newton Jr. to Ellen P. Smith and Ronnie D. Smith

Jason R. Henderson to Jason R. Henderson

Jim Warren Mobile Home, Inc.; T&W Development; and Thornton Logging Company to Adalid C. Carcamo

Wells Fargo Bank to Allied Investors Group

Terrance L. Williams to Sunrise Properties and Rentals

D.West & Associates, LLC to Dewayne West,Mgr/Mbr to Bonnie L and Norman L. Dunn

Gail C. Carter; Earlie, Edna, John and Peggy Melvin; Gwendolyn and Stacy Sandle; Kimberly and Christopher Thompson to Felicia Freeman

Felicia and Johnny Freeman to Gail M. Carter; Edna and Peggy Melvin; Gwendolyn T. Sandle; and Christopher and Kimberly Thompson

Mary D. Melvin and Larry Tate to Cirilo R. Mendoza

Shirley J. Carter Jones and Vernon Jones to Charlotte F. Carter and Willie Thomas Carter

CitiMortage, Inc and Service Link to Eulas D. Tart

John A. Baynes III; Sherry M. Baynes; Dianne M. and Thomas O. Tucker to Prestage Farms, Inc.

Carrie L. Goodson to Keith R. Davis and Sandra Lynn Goodson Davis

Deborah S. Owen and Millard T. Owen III to Angel Eduardo Zuniga Meza