Are you hearing what God’s saying?

By: By Becky Spell Vann - Contributing columnist

Are you saddened by the state of affairs in America? Let us Rise Up to fast and pray with an intimate connection to God that will order our steps, words, and ways in turbulent times like these. Let us search our hearts as while making right choices of acting and reacting when hatred and horror creep closer to comfortable, Christian, communities…like ours! Terrible tragedies that once seemed so far away are hitting home without warning. What can we do?

Why not join forces as Christian believers, raising our voices in praise and prayers for God’s law and love to be restored? Why not give continuous coverage of situations where people are singing His praises and praying for America? Why not shout it from the mountaintops (our workplaces, homes, ballgames, school functions, social media devices, that God can bring justice where corruption rots the Christian foundation our forefathers fought for? God’s Holy Spirit is moving like a fresh wind across our land. He speaks to hearts of those who are looking and listening to HIM!

He speaks, even in the midst of heartaches and horrible situations. Are we listening? Are we sure we’re listening to God or to the enemy who schemes with devious attempts to steal everything we have…especially a happy life here and God’s promise of eternity in heaven. Satan loves orchestrating destruction that cripples our country and keeps some people stirred up in hatred, hatefulness, and horrible ways of living. Doom and despair can conquer from within, unless we repent, revive, and reach out to our Father God to turn things around in America.

Does the Holy Spirit have His way in your life? Read Psalms and contemplate the divine power that flowed from King David worshiping and praising God through the good and bad seasons of his life. David sinned big time! Yet, David understood who His redeemer was, where His strength came from, who gave Him victory over Goliath, who was with him in wars, and He repented when he sinned. He did not pretend but passionately confessed and asked God to forgive him. He was a man after God’s own heart. Are we?

Do we passionately serve God and truly seek Him in times like these? King David would tell us to live out loud in love, takes risks (step in faith), stand up with courage against ‘giants’ – while believing God will guide and give victory.

David was judged for his actions. Every day we are judged and judge others. However, God is the judge who sees our motives and makes all things right (with consequences for our sins and crowns for our faithfulness) in HIs perfect time. The Pharisees thought they had it all right, with rules and regulations they believed were right. Such mindsets can keep us standing still with folded arms and silent lips when God would love to see us happily praising with repentant hearts, going out and bringing His lost sheep into the fold, and worshiping with joy that tells the world we are happy in Jesus and heading to glory when our time here is done.

Many of God’s sheep have been killed horribly and hatefully in the United States ( and across our planet)! These recent deaths have caused chaos and confusion among Americans who have different views of what is right and wrong and how these situations should be handled. The greatest concerns should be about the people’s salvation. Did they know Jesus as their personal Savior? Were things right in their hearts? Did they enter heaven on the narrow road or hell on the wide one? Do their loved ones have peace of knowing they were prepared and are celebrating in heaven? If you or I were killed without warning, with no time to make things right with the Lord and loved ones, no time to make that last call to say, ‘I love you’, no time to share the stories stored in our hearts ( that we’d been meaning to share when everything was just perfect to do so) …where would we go? Heaven or Hell?

When our hearts are in tune to His… celebrations of praise and worship will be filled with the wonder of His love even when our world (nation) seems to be turned upside down with depression, destruction, and distressed people seeking happiness in all the wrong places. God is the answer for happy lives forever and ever.

He gives peace and keeps His promises. He sent a Helper to guide, comfort, and keep us close to Him. He has a place prepared for us to spend eternity. Heaven will be paradise with Jesus, loved ones, saints, and our heavenly Father for eternity. Hell will be fiery torment forever and ever…for God will not be there. The choice is ours!

God is the Beginning and the End, Alpha and Omega, Lord and Savior. Satan hates God and plots to destroy all His children, red and yellow – black and white! He mocks Jesus, makes sin seem right, roams the earth scheming and stealing joy, love, and peace. Satan knows his time is short before Jesus returns. We know things will be bad before the end but victory in Jesus comes to His sheep. Satan loses; God wins the victory! Revelation shares the story unfolding in our land. There will be trials and troubles but those who persevere and put their trust in God will see glory.

Why not change our ways and walk in love… closely connected to Him and them (the loved ones He put in our lives to cherish until death parts us)? Why not start today putting God first, loving beyond limits, and living like Jesus modeled? Then, the horrible news casts and social media coverage will be cleaned up, God will be glorified, and good news will be shared from sea to shining sea. It can happen, and it starts with you and me!

By Becky Spell Vann

Contributing columnist

Becky Spell Vann is the owner and operator of Tim’s Gift and The Learning Station.

Becky Spell Vann is the owner and operator of Tim’s Gift and The Learning Station.