We should all find friendship in God

By: By Becky Spell Vann - Contributing columnist

Are you a friend of God? Lyrics to a popular praise song repeatedly proclaim, ‘I am a friend of God’! Writing stories about friendship has not been a piece of cake. Thinking deeply about my friends and thanking God for them sends me down friendship lane. Memories of friends give strength when they are gone. Friendship is a delicate, delightful, dutiful gift that should be enjoyed and held in highest esteem with loyalty, love, and longevity flowing freely from one friend’s heart to another. Choosing friends who are ‘friends of God’ is wise.

When writing stories, I often stop to read books (books and journals are my faithful companions wherever I go), reflect on how the story relates personally, and pray for the message to be shared so that people will be drawn closer to the Lord and loved ones and that God will be glorified in every word I write. Two hours have passed since I began this story on being a friend of God. Yet, the joy of communing with Christ and enjoying this time with my Best Friend gives me greater joy than words could ever convey. Saying that to say this, I hope you understand my writing is heartfelt and humbly shared in hopes that you see the joy of living closely connected to Christ and enjoy the good life when He is your Best Friend. These stories are written because I made a promise to God in 2006 to share good news. He is the One who makes things happen and brings happiness to our hearts and homes. Being a friend of God and knowing Him personally, not just knowing about Him, is a gift that keeps on giving forever. Thank you for reading these stories and being my friend.

One of the books I brought with me to the beach opens as my little fan blows the pages to a chapter on the gift of friendship with God and prophecy. I stop writing to read from the paperback book written in 1924 by Smith Wigglesworth (an unschooled plumber who became a world-renowned evangelist), EVER INCREASING FAITH. His words from long ago are relevant ‘for such a time as this’ when hearts have become calloused and friendships (relationships) with Christ casual. The fire that replaces the horror filled, hateful, hurting hearts looking for hallelujahs comes when our hearts belong to Him, our Best Friend.

“We read in Revelation that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. No prophetic touch is of any good unless there is fire in it. If you rise up in your weakness-but rise up in love because you want to honor God- and just begin, you will find the presence of the Lord upon you. Act in faith and the Lord will meet you.

May God take us on and on into this glorious fact of faith, that we may be so directed by the Holy Spirit that God will work through us on the line of the miraculous and on the lines of prophecy where we shall always know that it is no longer we but HE who is working through us, bring forth that which is in His own divine good pleasure”!

Wigglesworth notes on the cover of his book, “…this is a testament to the marvel of salvation – a joyous message that can bring serene belief in the wonder-filled ways of God…words to calm the tension and ease the frequent pain of our hectic 20th century life.” And so it is for each of us as we go forth in faith in the 21st century, inching closer and closer to Christ’s return.

My little book by Wigglesworth is a treasured gift from two friends who are surely reading this story. They came to Tim’s Gift last summer bearing boxes and boxes and more boxes filled with books they donated to our library. This little book was destined to be mine. I will share this awesome story in HIs time.

Hopefully, this message has pricked your heart to be a better friend and to make Jesus your BEST FRIEND.

In closing, this little letter that was tucked inside my journal seems the perfect ending (or beginning) for a story (our lives) about being a friend that will make God proud of us…His children. When God is our Best Friend, the world will see Jesus in us.

“Jesus, I’ve been thinking a lot about friends lately. Everybody is talking about relationships, and really knowing each other, but no one seems to do much about it. Or everyone wants to have the same friend – that person who’s up in front of the crowd or the gal with the toothpaste smile and the winsome personality. Hardly anyone seems willing to build relationships with ordinary people.

You know – the harried housewife with three preschoolers, the overweight, under-confident teenager, or the quiet guy on the edge of the crowd.

Who was Your friend, Lord? I know you had a lot of acquaintances, and the twelve who shared the ministry, but who was Your friend?

I mean the person with whom You could let your hair down. Where You didn’t have to watch every word or meet someone’s unending expectations. You know, where did You go when You had to get away, but You couldn’t bear to be alone again?

Was Lazarus that special friend for you, Lord? I think maybe he was. I started to pray, ‘Give me a friend like that,’ but I thought better of it.

Instead I pray, ‘Let me be a friend like that.’ “ Amen

Let us all be a Friend of God and enjoy the good life He gives and true friends He sends.


By Becky Spell Vann

Contributing columnist

Becky Spell Vann is the owner and operator of Tim’s Gift and The Learning Station.

Becky Spell Vann is the owner and operator of Tim’s Gift and The Learning Station.