Love, hope in brokenness

By: By Becky Spell Vann - Contributing columnist

Are we, the people of the United States of America, weary and worried with a broken spirit that screams, where is hope to refresh souls? Luke 12:25 speaks boldly about worrying. “Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?”

Worrying about the future is futile! Preparing for the future, living closely connected to Christ, and trusting Him in all things is wise, so says God’s Word. Our focus should be on God, not our worries.

The only One who can protect us from worry, refresh our souls, and fill our minds with peace is God. He provides for all our needs. Yet, the only way we can know who He is and grow closer to Him is through an intimate, daily relationship with Jesus Christ. He understands our fears and admires our faith.

When we draw close to God and focus on Him, regardless of circumstances here at home and in countries across our world, He enables us to face whatever is happening. We can be victorious when we stay anchored to Him and will always have HOPE. God is still in control and can make broken shells (people, homes, governments, countries) beautiful again. Yet, we must make the choice to trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus and have peace in our hearts and homelands!

Finishing the messages God has given from My Beautiful Broken Shell come in a season when we must embrace God and look to Him for help in bringing beauty from brokenness throughout our world. God is our only HOPE. He can refresh souls and revive us again…if we turn our eyes upon Him. In this season of unrest and uncertainty, let us stand up for Jesus and let our little lights shine brightly and lovingly.

“I watch the rolling surf toss new shells onto the shore, and I am reminded of the many times that I, too, have been tossed by the storms of life and worn down by the sands of time, just like my beautiful broken shell. But, I am reminded that broken shells don’t stand alone. Thank you Lord for being with me to share my life…to help me carry my burdens.

A wave crashes, sending tiny sand crabs scurrying for safety…and I am reminded that even the smallest creatures depend on each other. Especially in our brokenness, we need the Lord…and we need one another. Thank You, Lord, for filling my life with people who care. Thank You for my family…for my friends…for those who are always there for me.

As I look at my beautiful broken shell, I see that it has nothing to hide. It doesn’t pretend to be perfect or whole…its brokenness is clear for everyone to see. Lord, may I be strong enough to show my pain and brokenness like this shell. May I give myself permission to hurt…to cry…to be human. May I have the courage to risk sharing my feelings with others so that I may receive support and encouragement along the way.

Lord, help me to reach out to others…especially to the broken and discouraged…not only to love them but to learn from them as well.

May I listen…comfort…and give unconditional love to all who pass my way. Lord, help me realize that I am not the only one hurting…that we all have pain in our lives. Help me remember that in my brokenness I am still whole and complete in Your sight.

As I walk among the many washed –up shells, I suddenly spot a broken conch shell…white and ordinary on the outside…yet, brilliant coral inside. Lord, help me see inside the hearts of the people who touch my life…and to see their true colors.

Somehow, here at the ocean, I receive so many gifts. I am grateful for the inner peace that fills my soul. I take time to notice sandpipers playing along the shore…beach grasses swaying in the salty breezes. I delight in finding simple treasures…a piece of smooth green glass polished by the waves…a transparent white stone…a starfish.

Lord, help me to remain childlike in my appreciation for life. Please Slow Me Down…that I may always see the extraordinary in the ordinary. That I may always wonder at the shell in the sand…the dawn of a new day…the beauty of a flower…the blessing of a friend…the love of a child.

In my brokenness, may I never take life so seriously that I forget to laugh along the way. May I always take the time to watch a kite dance in the sky…to sing…to pick daisies…to LOVE…to take risks…to BELIEVE in my dreams.

As I look once more at the broken scallop shell in my hand, I am reminded of all the beautiful shells God has placed around me.

Lord, may I truly value every moment spent with my loved ones while this life is so briefly mine.

Let me not destroy the beauty of today by grieving over yesterday…or worrying about tomorrows.

May I cherish and appreciate my shell collection each and every day…for I know not when the tide will come and wash my treasures away.

For now, I’ll just continue walking and add to my collection of beautiful shells.” The End!

I pray these words of HOPE have refreshed your SOUL as they have mine. We are truly Blessed and Highly Favored…let us rejoice and give God honor and glory in all seasons of our lives.

By Becky Spell Vann

Contributing columnist

Becky Spell Vann is the owner and operator of Tim’s Gift and The Learning Station.

Becky Spell Vann is the owner and operator of Tim’s Gift and The Learning Station.