Seeking peace in the time of turmoil

By Becky Spell Vann - Contributing Columnist

By Becky Spell Vann

Contributing Columnist

How do I write all the messages and amazing things happening that confirm that God is in control? Writing this column, along with many other blessings in my life, could have bit the dust when death knocked twice at our home. Thoughts of quitting, of giving up on the plans God has for the rest of my life, tried to rise up in my mind, but every time the enemy attacked…God gave (and is still giving) me strength to stand firm and go forth in faith.

I am blessed and thankful to share God’s gospel wherever He leads and to give help and hope to people in need through Tim’s Gift; yet, my broken heart mends ever so slowly. My love for Tim and for James still beats strong in my heart. The song that shares how our loved ones in heaven wish we were there comes to mind as I write. I look forward to a glorious reunion in Heaven when my work here is done. How will that all work out up there, wherever Heaven is, whatever we will do when we get there, and however long eternity? I don’t know, but it is real and wonderful because He promises and tells us He has gone to prepare a place and His Son will return one day to take us home. We will live for eternity in Heaven if we believe on Him and accept Jesus as our personal Savior.

James asked his daughters that question before proposing to me on bended knee in our sunroom. (Oh, the memory of that Thursday afternoon makes my heart smile.) James wondered how it would be when we all get to heaven! Would he be married to Sarah or to me? The Bible answers these things we ponder. God tells us not to worry but to trust Him to take care of us as He does the birds of the air. The things we worry about and plan to ask God when we enter paradise won’t even matter then. Therefore, let us look to Him for strength and sunshine and stop sweating the stuff that can drive us away from our Lord and the plans He has for the rest of our lives. When we ask Jesus into our hearts and live closely connected to the Vine, our Best Friend, we will never walk alone…especially in our sunset years. Amen!

One day, I will write about amazing love stories James and I so happily shared in our two years as man and wife. Many probably wonder how I feel after writing in many of my columns of my gratitude to God for sending James into my life and the blessing of spending our sunset years together. Well, some things are way to intimate for words to even begin to share the beauty of…such is our love. I can assure you that God has not failed or left me. I love God more than ever, trust Him in this hard season even more, and seek His love and guidance daily knowing He will take care of me through my sunset years. I am not alone, though there are times when loneliness hovers and sadness settles in my heart. It is then that I think on things that are lovely and precious times shared together become treasures that tender my thoughts and mend my heart together again. Psalms reminds me of His promise to heal broken hearts and bind up wounds. He is doing just that in my life…in His way and His perfect timing. He will do that for you, too!

My prayer for anyone reading this story whose heart and dreams are broken is that you will seek help from Jesus. The enemy roams the earth looking for prey: broken hearted people, hard-hearted people, innocent people, angry and hurt people, anyone that can be swayed to listen to his lies and look away from the Lord. While we do not understand many things that happen to us and to other people in the world, why fighting and hatred prevail, why our laws and leaders are leaving out God, why good (news) and spiritual things are not publicized with the passion and persistence that bad things are, why bad things happen to good people… we cannot get stuck in the quicksand of questioning and doubting that can sink our hopes and destroy our lives. Keeping our eyes on Jesus provides peace and promise as we push forward in faith. Our childlike faith (even when we are worn out and wrinkled) prevails with joy as He heals broken hearts and restores our dreams.

A prayer written on a card I received sheds light on this message (even though it is not the July 4th story I intended to write)! While reading these words, think of your own life and how you are handling the situations you face every day. Some seem to have all sunshine while others are drenched in sorrow. Whatever our lot, when all is well with our souls…we have peace and promise untold! That’s the real reason for all seasons…living for and loving Jesus in all that we do.

“Events happen for reasons we may not understand…

But it is not up to us to question why as God has a plan for each of us.

It may hurt and be so painful that we feel we have done something somehow along the way to cause it

Or that we deserve it…But it is a test of faith and if we believe and allow God’s will to guide us

We will grow stronger and realize that it’s not up to us anymore nor ever was. We may never find an

Answer but in searching the heart and soul we find solitude…eventually.”

I have read that card and thanked God for the sender many times in the past months. Events will continue to happen in our lives, many with questions we won’t even know how to ask! We must remember that our answers come from Christ.

Next week I promise to share my July 4th story. Please pray for peace in our world.

Becky Spell Vann is a long-time columnist for The Sampson Independent’s Faith & Family section and owner of the outreach ministry Tim’s Gift.

Becky Spell Vann is a long-time columnist for The Sampson Independent’s Faith & Family section and owner of the outreach ministry Tim’s Gift.