Black lives matter, really?

One of the most recent, but in my opinion most hypocritical, statements flowing within the communities of black America is the statement that proclaims, BLACK LIVES MATTER.

In recent months this statement has replaced the standard cry of marches in the past of “We Shall Overcome.” It has become the anthem of black America which seeks justice for abuses by police officers against black people, particularly young black men. This phrase, statement or anthem is obviously addressed to white people and/or the white establishment.

Black lives do matter, just like every other life, but the main hypocrisy with such a statement is that it should be an anthem that is spoken loudly and often by black people to black people.

If black people would embrace that statement as a statement solely addressed to us, then perhaps, we as a race of people, would not be guilty of black on black crime. Perhaps we would not be guilty of having 70 percent of our babies born out of wedlock. Perhaps we would not be guilty of having 25 percent of our black men in jail or under the jurisdiction of the Dept. of Corrections. Perhaps we would not be guilty of depending on the government for our well being instead of depending on ourselves. But most importantly, perhaps we would not be guilty of pulling each other down instead of pulling each other up.

Many in the black community agree and often say that the reason Hispanics are doing so well in this country is because of how well they look out for each other and how well they help each other. The opposite is true for black America. If we would be honest with ourselves, the reasons blacks, as a whole, are not doing so well is because we do not look out for each other nor do we really do much to help each other. About the only time we really come together in unity is when we unite to blame someone else for our plight.

The shouting of the anthem, BLACK LIVES MATTERS, was especially loud and prevalent during the recent disturbance in Baltimore. Even our self-appointed civil right leaders have attached themselves to this saying as if it gives them more legitimacy. But if Black Lives Really Matter, why isn’t anyone saying that to the blacks in Baltimore who have suffered from the worst month of violence in the last decade after the marches have stopped and the civil rights leaders have gone home.

It is a fact, during the month of May there were 43 murders in Baltimore, with a great majority of them consisting of blacks killing blacks. That is the most murders in one month for that city in 15 years. But yet we are still singing and marching that BLACK LIVES MATTERS. Well, if Black Live Matters then why are blacks, still killing blacks at historical rates in Baltimore? And why isn’t Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, President Obama and all the black preachers parading themselves on television during the marches in Baltimore, talking about that!

If we truly believe that Black Lives Matters, then it is the responsibility of blacks, to tell the truth about ourselves. And since we have such a strong tie and allegiance to the black church, and believe we are so much more spiritual than our white brothers and sisters, then why doesn’t the black church with all its spirit filled members do more in our own communities to truly demonstrate that BLACK LIVES MATTERS. For example, with drug addiction being such a major factor in our community, it is despicable that only the white churches have enough compassion to hold AA and NA meetings within their hallowed halls.

During the recent turmoil in Baltimore, black preachers came out in droves talking about economic development, the need for government programs, church real estate programs, the devastation of racism and discrimination on the black community and police brutality. Well I say instead of talking about all of the above, how about talking about Jesus. And instead of talking about how great you and your church are, talk about how great Jesus Christ is. They should have the same attitude of the Apostle Paul when he said publicly, “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation.”

As you read this article, black people in Baltimore and across this country are being murdered every day by other black people. Hundreds of black children are born every day out of wedlock. Thousands of black children will go to bed tonight not having a clue of who their daddy is. Many of them will grow up in a life of crime and spend many years in prison or jail. But yet, we continue to take the bait of our civil rights leaders who are nothing but race-baiters who benefit from our misery. We continue to go to church to deceive ourselves by getting our praise own while not holding our churches and church leaders somewhat accountable for the plight of black lives in our own communities. And worst of all we continue to fail to teach each other that Black Lives Matter, because we are too busy saying it to the wrong people who we want to hold accountable for our own actions. As we sometime like to say, now it really the time to put up or shut up!

Pastor Gilbert Owens