A job well done in Plain View

Strong community support can move mountains. We’ve seen it happen time and again in this great county of ours, and we are witness to it once more in the Plain View area, where people have banded together with a common goal in mind — building a lasting complex where the old school now sits.

The community, through its Plain View Community Coalition, has seen a tremendous dent in the money members say will be needed to raze the old school, construct a park, build a walking trail, add sports fields, erect a farmers market and provide a memorial wall.

Last week, they announced they have already raised $70,7000 toward a total $150,000 goal.

It’s a lofty goal, for sure, but one that is certainly reachable, especially considering how far the group has already come with its fund-raising efforts, a job well done and one to be applauded.

PVCC members say when they reach $80,000 they can hire contractors, the next step in making the dream for their community a reality.

While the old Plain View Elementary School was the heart of the community for decades, when a new school was built just down the road, the old one, already in bad disarray, began to fall down around itself, becoming an eyesore for those in the community and for those who drive the North-South road from Clinton to Dunn and parts beyond either town.

That’s when the PVCC was formed, an action group intent on turning the eyesore into a place in which the community could take pride. The first goal was keeping and revamping the school’s gym, something that was done after enough money was raised to strip the gym’s floors and upgrade them. Now the gym is used five nights a week for myriad activities, including pickup basketball and zumba classes.

But the park was the main goal, and it remains the vision of the PVCC whose members continue to work hard to garner the financial support they need to complete the task at hand.

The community has been amazing through it all, doing its part in so many raise, from contributing money, time and talents to utilizing the revamped gym.

We’ve no doubt they will continue that support as the coalition works to raise the final monies needed and then seek grants to help offset the cost of making their dreams come true.

The long-term goals of the coalition include the park, the farmers market and the sports fields, the latter which includes a desire to return to community sporting events which disappeared when most of those activities were consolidated in Sampson’s County seat.

The coalition wants recreational activities, like soccer and other sports, returned to the fields in Plain View so their children don’t have to travel long distances to participate but rather can remain at home, playing in their own neighborhoods.

The Plain View community has always supported its own, and we’ve no doubt that will continue to be the case. With over $70,000 already banked, and a group of individuals determined to see their neighborhood be the very best it can be, we’ve no doubt the dreams of the coalition will soon become reality.

Our hat is off to them for a job well done.