Does the President thinkwe are stupid?

We do not want Washington tampering with our voting system under the pretense that “Russia has rigged it”. The Democrats are afraid that Trump will beat Hillary in this election. We can’t trust Washington to be the caretakers against the “so-called” Russian Hacking. We must stay alert to politician’s lies and trickery.

Remember our Democratic President has been on national TV speaking harshly against Mr. Trump and said he is unfit to serve as president. Mr. Obama and his wife Michelle are campaigning for Mrs. Clinton. In my lifetime, this is the first time I’ve seen an outgoing president taking such an active role in the presidential election process. It’s the first time I heard an active president call any fellow American unfit to hold the office!

In fear of all the corruption that is obvious in Washington, we must stay alert and pray for divine intervention. I believe the American people will rise up and be heard on election day. Trump is offering the country “change to a better and safe life”.

Alyce Warren