A president that will unify, not divide


“He gave us inspiration and hope. We gave him our trust, our love, and we gave him our vote.”

American people, representing all races from varied walks of life — the poor, middle class and wealthy — rose up, bonded together to declare a historical political revolution to change our political arena. For years, a silent rebellion festered in America. We wanted a change. We thought it had come to us in 2008 when we elected Barack Obama. That time, too, American people representing all races of people from varied walks of life came together hoping for change — good, healthy change for the country. It did not happen!

On Nov. 8, 2016, the people spoke again, “with the pen in hand.” They voted for Donald Trump. He will face lots of challenges. We believe his vision to make America great again will become our reality. He strives for excellence in whatever goals he sets for himself. We know him to be a strong man. We believe he will excel in his leadership role as President of the United States.

The president should be a unifier not a divider. He represents all of the people, not just his party. Since the Nov. 8 election, we have had angry people raging in the street. I believe the outgoing president should not campaign for any of the presidential candidates who are seeking the Office of the President. When the sitting president takes a side and launches a personal attack against one of the candidates, he incites hate and confusion against that person. His job is to unite the people. Young, impressionable people should not be influenced with negative remarks (about our candidates) from the sitting president.

We have a two-party system. The president represents both parties. When the president uses brutal language to describe our candidates, he is using his influential title for self-serving gain. That should never happen.

I believe that the thousands of people who have taken to the streets would not be indulging in rioting if our leaders would not incite that atrocious kind of behavior.

We are about to embark on this magnificent journey with Donald Trump leading us in a spiritual and motivational change in our lifestyles. Our borders will be secure. We will have jobs returned to America. We will be safe.

God Bless President Donald Trump and God Bless America!

Alyce Warren Pringle