That’s what I am

By: By Callie Cannady - Early College intern

Normally people start by introducing themselves by giving all the general infomation — their name, how old they are, place of birth, favorite color, how many siblings they have, or what school they attend.

Bland conversations arise about these topics after you finish the introduction to keep things flowing. Questions like “So what is the weather like where you are from?” or “Do you like having three siblings?” come up, and in a matter of minutes the talk is over. You should inform newcomers of why you put the U in unique.

Telling people about yourself should not only be who you are but what you are. Yes I know if you go for a job interview and the employer asks “what are you?” you will probably respond quickly with “a human being, of course!”. Is that really just what you are? An individual’s life is not a script to be read or a routine to follow. It should not sound familiar to the person behind you or in front of you.

My name is Callie and I was born in Abilene, Texas on July 7th 1999 to Regina Williams Cannady of Autryville, North Carolina and Andre Marcel Cannady of Districts Heights, Maryland. I have two sisters, Nikayla (20) and Maya (15), and one brother named Armond (10) who we call “Bud”. My favorite color is sky blue. I have been attending Sampson Early College High School since August of 2013. But that is who I am and not what I am.

I am an over-thinker. I fear that if spend to little time on an assignment that it will not be creative, but since I spend so much time writing down numerous ideas in attempt to be creative, I start the assignment late rushing everything. Now it looks like I’m a slacker student who does not put any effort into what she does, which isn’t true.

I am an environmentalist. My grandma takes Maya and me to school in the mornings. On our way, I eat my breakfast in the car. Usually it is at least two pieces of fruit and a homemade sausage English Muffin. Me being the eco-friendly person that I am, I throw the apple cores out the window. Never into oncoming traffic, though! They’re biodegradable and my grandma doesn’t yell at me anymore for leaving banana peels on her seat.

I am a writer. Not like one of the “keep everything in one big, hipster-looking journal with cool hand writing” kind of writer. When I get a really interesting thought, I just write it down on whatever I can get my hands on. Trust me I get more ideas than an email account gets spam. Sticky notes, back of study guides, the palms of my hands, torn off pieces of paper, and even empty gum packets at the bottom of my purse.

Both the basic facts and the interesting details about me are true. I am an unfinished story. I excited to become 18 but resenting that one day I will have to pay bills because living on your sister’s couch is not socially acceptable. I am thrilled about living in a new city I have never been to but not rejoicing over the work load that comes along with it.

Joseph Campbell once said “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”. So I guess if I finally clean out from under my bed I will find a well-written research paper.

Callie Cannady Cannady

By Callie Cannady

Early College intern