Clinton police prove teamwork pays

Teamwork always pays off, but never more so than when that teamwork involves law enforcement officers working together to bring criminals to justice.

Such was the case last week, when the Clinton Police Department, working together with officers from departments in Wilson, Rocky Mount, Kenly, and the U.S. Marshals Service, were responsible for the apprehension of a 58-year-old man believed responsible for robbing five banks across the eastern portion of North Carolina, including Clinton.

That tenacity and collaboration halted what could have been a far longer and far more violent crime spree, and each department and its officers are to be commended for the tireless efforts they made to ensure this suspect was captured.

The man, Terry Bullock, served 25 years of a 50-year sentence for robberies in a number of communities back in the early ’90s, and, according to law enforcement officers, he was back on the street and apparently back at the same game when he was taken into custody late last week.

Were it not for the teamwork from the Clinton PD and other law enforcement agencies, much like we’ve seen from the Sampson County Sheriff’s Office in the past, the arrest might not have happened so quickly and additional crimes could have been forthcoming. There’s no way to no for sure, but suffice it to say that the sharing of information, photographs and investigative tools helped to expedite the first step in resolution of some very serious cases.

According to Nash County Sheriff Keith Stone, catching Bullock would not have been possible without all the agencies involved. “When you have robberies and they continue on, often violence follows this. This is a case where violence stopped before it could happen” thanks to the quick work of all these agencies.

What’s more, Stone was willing to also tout the hard work of the communities and the media who, he said, worked hand-in-hand with law enforcement on the case.

Key information, he said, was provided by the public and that information was then disseminated by the media, ramping up the teamwork several more notches and proving that local media is far more of a help than a hindrance.

Everyone, Stone said, played some role in helping bring the robbery cases to a quick and safe end.

And that’s where the teamwork is so important.

While multi-county and multi-state investigations are rare, particularly when they include state and federal agencies, the importance of men and women in law enforcement officers sharing information and working side by side to solve the crime, with no worry for who gets the credit, speaks volumes to how seriously these individuals take the jobs they do.

And they do those jobs well.

We always take great pride in our local law enforcement officers and know we have a great deal in which to be thankful when it comes to how our police officers work hand-in-hand with our community to ensure safety for all. But we tip our hat most especially today to our Clinton officers for the hard work and time they put into this case. Their hard work, tenacity and ability to work with others made a tremendous difference, the likes of which we might never truly know.