A tribute to J.C. Moore


From 1965 to 1968 I saw a lot of basketball when I served as the scorer (bookkeeper) of the Charles E Perry Raider’s High School, and some of the best was played by J.C. Moore.

He was one of the best basketball players in the area. He passed away recently. Mr. Moore was an all-around player. He was a friendly, easy going young man. He was also a good baseball player.

During the 1966 basketball season on the varsity team he was chosen as the most valuable player, and his brother, Oscar Moore, was the J.V. Team MVP. This was the first time two brothers had won MVP.

J.C. retired from the U.S. Army and a Civil Service job; he served in sports management at Ft. Bragg and in the Virginia area. Family, hold your head up. Junior has left us but you can hold on to God’s unchanging Hand.

From The Baseball Man

James T. Hargrove