Don’t want to be an underdog, then you should think for yourself


When it comes to the ruling from the 9th Circuit Court to reinstate the “law” on illegal immigrants, a promise our president ran his campaign on, lets’ be reasonable, and use common sense. Would you go to the door and invite people into your home that you don’t know and have never seen before?

Used to be, in the good “ole” days, people would not even lock their doors at night. If they did, they usually had something to hide. Our doors were never locked. I remember our first dog would let herself out of the house to potty, and then let herself back in. Now, you better have your gun at arm’s length because you can’t trust people, even our own citizens.

There is an argument that we are all immigrants. I beg to differ. Just ask the eastern Cherokee who were asked to leave their homeland to a forced march on the “Trail of Tear.” These people were forced to migrate to a reservation in Oklahoma where they still exist. Some escaped to our home mountains. Their noble people were not immigrants, but inhabitants that were here from the get-go — now that’s real discrimination!

All the noise I hear about President Trump’s policies is like a dog fight. If you’ve ever witnessed one, it is so upsetting because if one dog is getting beat up and has to give up, if there is another dog watching, they will always help the winning dog, just to be on the winning side. Dogs are so much like people.

A few people around here are talking and complaining about a wall. Many of them are the same people who are surrounded by gated communities. Your own house is a four-walled protection. That’s your first defense against the weather and uninvited guests. But there is also a door to let in people that have proven they will not harm you or yours.

There was a candidate that run on the 2nd Amendment about guns or weapons of mass destruction while their security guards are armed to the teeth. If in dire straits, if they need help, they called the police for them to risk their lives over an ungrateful needy person.

If people want to do you harm, just look at Nice, France. People there were run over with a truck; or the professor at Chapel Hill who was killed with a stone marker over $10 by some just released prisoners.

People need to think for themselves instead of joining the dog fight — then they won’t be considered underdogs.

H. Glenn Thornton