Storm preparedness has vast benefits

Next week is Severe Weather Preparedness Week, and local school systems and government agencies will use that time to practice drills that help prepare them for emergency situations. Part of that comes Wednesday, March 8 during a statewide tornado drill that will have students huddled in hallways as teachers and administrators remind them of what needs to be done should a real weather situation arise.

It is a great drill to practice, both for students and adults.

We hardly need to remind most of the March 1984 tornadoes that swept through eastern North Carolina, leaving destruction and death in their wake. Sampson was among those hard hit by the storms.

That’s why we urge parents or guardians of children to talk about the importance of the drills and paying attention during them, not to frighten children but to help them understand the need for quick action when called upon to do so.

The hope is to prepare for the worst but never actually have to put into practice what has been taught.

As school superintendents. Dr. Stuart Blount and Dr. Eric Bracy said, providing the drills is their responsibility, an opportunity to teach them safety that they can, in turn, pass along to their families.

The benefits are great and can save lives.