Phonathon gift an investment in our futures

There are some events that are just simply too important not to support if you can. Sampson Community College’s annual phonathon is one of them.

That’s why today we are urging those who have the means to mark their calendar for next Tuesday, March 14, and to answer their phone when that ring comes, knowing that there’s someone on the other end of the line hoping they will make a monetary donation to a very worthwhile cause.

As it does every year, the phonathon is the college’s method of reaching out to past supporters and new ones, hoping to receive a pledge, money that will fund grants, scholarships, programs and support services at the college.

If you’ve never understood the value of financial support for the phonathon, listen in next Tuesday night on Star Communication channel 16, from 6 until 8 p.m., and take in the testimonies from students who have been greatly impacted by the donations the annual event receives.

Hear the words of nursing students who will recall how important the scholarships they receive are in helping them complete their training. Some are single moms, trying to work, raise a family and complete an education that will help them be more self-sufficient while, at the same time, allow them to play a vital role in Sampson’s health field. Others are trying to lift themselves out of extreme conditions, and the scholarships and grants are allowing them to virtually make their dreams reality.

Listen to SCC department heads talk about the differences they see in students who receive help through phonathon donations. Their words are heartfelt, the examples very real and very poignant.

And it’s all because of each and every person who contributes something to the phonathon. Like many fundraisings, it’s not about how much you give, it’s that you give something. The dollars add up quickly.

Last year, the phonathon raised $20,000 — $10,000 thanks to an endowment pledge by Lew and Erika Starling in honor of Mr. Starling’s parents, Donald and Annell Starling, and the other $10,000 thanks to caring individuals throughout Sampson County who reached deep into their pockets to help this very good cause.

SCC Foundation members have already sent out handwritten notes to many of last year’s contributors, thanking them for their support and asking that it continue so the Foundation and the college can continue its worthy mission of serving students and thus the community.

While we understand that not everyone can contribute to the phonathon, there are many that can. To those who can, we hope they will consider this very worthwhile event, knowing that every dollar given is an investment in the future of students, the college and the county.

So when the phone rings Tuesday night, please pick it up and, if you can, please give. The difference you can make by answering that phone and making that pledge is far more than you can possibly imagine.