Bracy’s accolade well deserved

Sampson County has yet another feather in its cap, placed there when school superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy received a statewide, touting him as the North Carolina Association of Educators 2017 Superintendent of the Year.

It is a well-deserved honor for Bracy, who has worked tirelessly since coming to Sampson County Schools in 2014 to raise the passion for learning in the system. But it is just as much an honor for the county, who gets the distinctive spotlight shined on it because of Bracy’s efforts and the accolade bestowed upon him.

What is good for one, in this case, is great for the other.

The NCAE, the state’s largest education advocacy organization for public school employees, presents the Superintendent of the Year Award each year as a way of recognizing the outstanding contributions to staff, students and public education school leaders make. According to an article in Tuesday’s Sampson Independent, those nominated for the award are judged on profession practices, advocacy, community engagement and leadership skills.

Bracy fits the bill, something the NCAE recognized in choosing him.

Since coming to Sampson County Schools, he has made it his mission to engage his staff, students and parents in the mission of setting goals, reaching for dreams and achieving them both.

During his tenure, one of the most impressive things he has initiated is the pre-arranged home visits teachers or staff make to students’ homes, where they talk with parents to gauge their hopes and dreams for their children. It is that knowledge that helps educators, working with parents, put students on the paths to making those dreams a reality.

Bracy is clearly a public school advocate and a friend to students, believing in them and doing his best to help them believe in themselves.

Our hat is off to him for the work he has done in Sampson County Schools and for the award that now recognizes his efforts.