Be proactive, attend drug summit

Opioid abuse continues to be a serious problem in Sampson and surrounding counties. In truth, it’s a serious problem across our great country, and only getting more serious by the day.

For that reason, a community-wide drug summit being held this Saturday from 1-4 p.m. at Sampson Community College’s campus, is an event we urge individuals to participate in if they have a drug problem or if they suspect a loved one of getting caught in this very dangerous and often deadly web of abuse.

The Sampson County Substance Abuse Coalition is sponsoring the summit, designed to educate the public about the consequences of substance abuse and to support those facing addiction.

Health Department Director Wanda Robinson said it best: “You, your family members or caregivers should know more about ways to prepare, act and respond to an opioid overdose in the event of an emergency.” And we will take it one step further: You, your family members or caregivers should know the addiction signs to look for, the prevention methods available and the support that is out there.

We need to be proactive in prevention of opioid abuse and we need to be proactive in recognizing and acknowledging problems and then finding solutions versus burying our heads in the sand and pretending there is not a problem.

Attending Saturday’s summit is a good first step.