Becton the right choice for pro tem

Clinton’s City Council did a good day’s work when it chose the Rev. Marcus Becton as its new mayor pro tem.

Becton, sworn in earlier this week, replaces the late Maxine Harris in that position — one she handled with great aplomb for some 15 years — and becomes the first African-American male to ever hold the city’s second most influential seat.

We believe the quiet and reserved councilman will represent the city well in his new position, bringing to it wisdom, fairness and an open mind. He’s always done that as a representative of District 3, and really the entire city, and we’ve no doubt that will continue.

Humble and often more reflective than talkative, Becton has served the city as a councilman for over 20 years, helping guide decisions that have benefited residents in a number of ways. He has always been a great listener who never has a knee-jerk reaction to issues, a trait that will continue to serve him well as he assumes even more responsibility within city government.

Clinton is very fortunate to have a forward-thinking mayor and City Council that work well together, don’t spend money foolishly, are forward thinking and keep the city, its residents and its future as priorities. Becton has led that charge the longest and, we’ve no doubt, will continue to do so, working hand in hand with Mayor Lew Starling and side-by-side with his council colleagues to ensure the city’s future is bright and its residents are looked after.