A driver of volunteerism

Sampson County is blessed to have hundreds of people willing to volunteer their time for a plethora of special projects that benefit so many in our midst.

One of those is Chris Driver, a young man who took the initiative not that long ago to organize the Diaper Bank of Sampson County, a charitable group which assists children and families in need with diapers and other child essentials. Since its inception, thousands of diapers and other products have been distributed to Sampson County families, and the organization continues expand along with the need.

For his commitment to that project and others around our community, Driver will be honored Monday with the North Carolina Governor’s Medallion Award, a state accolade that recognizes the true spirit of volunteerism and those who make a significant contribution to their communities.

Driver joins others from Sampson with the same kind of volunteer spirit, individuals like Bill and Marsha Prestage and Grover and Louise Ezzell, men and women who, over the course of the last few decades, have done amazing things to help the community.

Like those honored before him, Driver is worthy of the accolade, recognizing a need in our county and then rolling his shirtsleeves up and putting in the time and sweat equity needed to get the Diaper Bank up and running.

Sampson is very fortunate to have young people like Driver, someone with a true volunteer heart, someone willing to work to make life better for others. In a society where me is often the most prominent catalyst for doing anything, it is refreshing to find individuals under the age of 40 with a true appreciation for the community in which he lives and a willingness to give back some of that which he has been given.

The state recognized that spirit in Driver, and so do we.

Our hat is off to him for bringing yet another state award home to Sampson, but more importantly for being so willing to do his part and more to make Sampson a better place to live.