I was made to be a writer

By Brittany Escalera - Summer intern
Brittany Escalera -

This past fall semester at West Virginia University, I took a TV news writing class. Everything we wrote was no more than 70 words and it was clean cut and dry. There was no room for descriptive words or witty commentary. It was just the news.

It made me cringe to write things so plainly. So colorless. So boring.

On one project my professor told me I was too “editorial” and while she meant it as an insult because I was in a TV News Writing Class, I took it as a sign from Pulitzer himself.

I wasn’t cut out to be an anchor.

I was made to be a writer.

My name is Brittany Escalera and I am a rising junior at West Virginia University where I am majoring in Journalism and minoring in Business Administration. I work at the award winning on-campus radio station U-92FM WWVU as a sports reporter and am currently the Women’s Soccer Producer.

I graduated from Hobbton High School in 2015 where I was a cheerleader, soccer player, homecoming queen and a member of the marching band.

I am a firm believer in the power of the press.

I believe that everyone has a story if you just let them talk and it is our job as journalists to tell it in hopes of it reaching, and maybe even helping, just one person.

Once I’ve graduated from college, I hope to work for a newspaper, a radio station, a public relations office or even a television station. Just give me a pen and a legal pad and I’ll be satisfied.

My ultimate goal is to become a staff writer for a major magazine like Cosmopolitan or even Vogue. I would love to travel the world and freelance and report on different cultures, events, fashion, and politics. But most of all, I want to write about people and what it’s like to be them.

I am thrilled to be an intern this summer at The Sampson Independent. While I do attend one of the best journalism schools in the country, nothing compares to being in the newsroom and being out on the field.

I hope my stories make you see things differently, reach out to people you normally wouldn’t and, every now and then, give you a good laugh.

Brittany Escalera
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By Brittany Escalera

Summer intern