Kudos to R’boro for proposed tax cut

Proposed property tax decreases must be in the air these days, and we believe it’s a sign of good management and perhaps even growth in the tax base that is the cause of this turnaround of late.

First the Sampson Board of Commissioners were presented with a county budget that calls for a half-cent decrease in the tax rate, a move we have already lauded. And now comes Roseboro Mayor Alice Butler and her town staff who have recommended to their commissioners a 3 cent drop.

Such a decrease should give Roseboro residents something to smile about, not only because their tax bills will be much lower but because dropping the axe on the tax rate has to signal better times for the small western Sampson town.

“Our town employees and town board work very hard to serve our citizens and to continually improve the quality of living in our town,” Butler noted in remarks she made to The Sampson Independent about the proposed tax rate decrease.

They certainly are doing just that, and they are allowing citizens to reap the benefits in very real ways. Our hat is off to Butler, the staff and town commissioners for setting in motion practices that have made such a tax rate drop possible.

Lowering a tax rate isn’t an easy thing to do, particularly when doing so often means that many things are left unfunded; however it appears Butler and the Roseboro staff have seen a way to give citizens a tax break and still do many of the things needed to keep moving the town forward in a positive manner.

We applaud them all for their efforts, as should town residents if this proposed tax hike becomes a reality, as we believe it will.