Garland library revamp worth the wait

Some things are worth waiting for, and Garland residents would likely be among the first to agree.

Though they had to do without the town’s library for several weeks, the end result is a brighter, roomier and much updated Miriam Lamb Memorial Library than the one patrons frequented for years.

The partnership between the county’s library system and the town of Garland ensured that the library received the renovations it desperately needed, something much deserved and now much appreciated.

Established in 1977, the soon-to-be 40-year-old facility got a facelift, new wiring and a lot of re-arranging, all to move the library into the 21st century and better suit the patrons who frequent it.

In small towns, particularly, the library becomes the anchor, an easily recognized fact in Garland, where patrons consider the Miriam Lamb facility to be one of its own, something to be cherished and treated with much care.

We thank library and town officials for working together to keep the building viable and to give residents what they truly deserve.