Support of SCC scholarships makes a difference

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” The old Chinese proverb is apropos in so many ways, particularly as it pertains to education and the role we, as individuals and as a community, play in helping others obtain the sometimes lofty goal of gaining higher education.

Helping people comes in many forms, but perhaps the best of those is reaching a hand out to assist someone in getting the education they need so, in turn, they can become a productive member of society and pass the torch of giving to others.

It’s make makes communities strong and it’s what helps individuals the most. It’s the hand up versus the handout.

The assistance given to students at Sampson Community College is a prime example of the hand up that community members have been giving students there for years.

For the upcoming school year, $97,000 has been awarded through 118 different scholarships, all funds donated by Sampson County residents and community college supporters, much of it through the SCC Foundation.

That money opens the doors to educational opportunities for students that might otherwise have remained shut.

As explained by Foundation executive director Lisa Turlington, one of the primary functions of the Foundation and its board is to raise money to support student scholarships, a real need given that state and federal funding, through grants, often can’t meet the demand.

In other words, there are more students seeking the grants than there is money to fund the requests, and that leaves many seeking higher education but with limited access to the necessary funds in a real quandary.

That’s why the money given to the Foundation for scholarships is so vitally important. It fills a widening gap between what a student can afford and what is needed to help them get the education they desire, an education, mind you, that in many ways will come back to benefit the community and its residents in some concrete way.

All it takes is listening to a testimonial from a nursing student with a desire to help others to realize just how vital the donations to the Foundation really are. Many will tell you that the reason they are able to further their education is because of a scholarship. The the road to their educational future was paved by the generous hearts of community members willing to give some of what they have to help those less fortunate.

And that’s why we wholeheartedly support the SCC Foundation. We know the difference it has made and will continue to make in the lives of dozens upon dozens of individuals each year. It’s why we urge people to join us in that support, giving what they can to help fund scholarships whose benefits will be far-reaching and long-lasting.

Many in this community give every year, by supporting the golf tournament, giving money during the phoneathon or responding to letters written by Foundation members seeking a contribution.

We thank those who have supported scholarships year after year, and we urge those who haven’t, and can, to think seriously about giving something this year and beyond. It really will make a difference.