Rumor has it that …


The DOT is going to repave Hwy. 701 from Clinton to Newton Grove. Please let me be the first to congratulate the good people of Sampson County that use that road on a regular basis. Any time that DOT will improve any road in Sampson County that is great.

But what about Hwy. 701 from Clinton to Garland? Several years ago DOT dug out trenches across the road bed and filled it with asphalt. Now two high school students and I with a good strong 2×4 could have done the same job of leveling the patches. Every time that the tires on a vehicle hit the trenches it jars the entire vehicle.

I have personally had to have both of my vehicles front end relined. The shock on the vehicles every time we cross them is tough on any vehicle. An 18 wheeler was stopped outside of Garland about a month ago. I stopped to ask did he need help and he replied that he thought that the trailer had broken a spring or shock.

Now granted that there are a few spots that the road is OK. But very few. From Butlers Cross Roads until Garland the road is terrible. From Barnes and Son garage to Garland water stands in the cracks after a rain. It is impossible to miss the pot holes in the road. It is worse than terrible.

So if DOT isn’t going to fix the road, maybe they could get us a discount vehicle repair service coupon? Or some compensation for the wear on our vehicles?

Now if anyone in this end of the County has done anything to offend anyone at DOT, would they let us know? Have we said something wrong? Have we caused injury to a DOT person? Please let us know the problem. We will send an apology. If we had local representation in this area we would ask their assistance.

Every time that we go to Fayetteville there is highway construction and repaving everywhere. So we know that there is money for highway maintenance. Recently DOT published a list of county paving initiatives. Sampson wasn’t listed as receiving any paving projects.

Of course it only took 30 years to get Hwy. 24 four lane construction started. So maybe my grandchildren will see the repaving of 701 from Clinton to Garland? Meanwhile what about some help on 701 now? DOT at the state level, can you answer your email?

Terry Williams