Supporting fundraisings benefits many

As fall is rapidly being ushered in, so too are many of Sampson County’s annual fundraising events.And we hope residents will continue to be as generous with their support as they have in the past, understanding that the organizations these events fund are dependent upon that support.

Every year, non-profit organizations hold everything from golf tournaments to fish frys, barbecues to dances, all in an effort to promote community spirit and to raise needed funds for very worthwhile causes.

Two such events are close at hand: the third annual John Robert Rosario Scholarship Golf Tournament, which is set for Saturday, Sept. 23, at Timberlake Golf Club; and this Saturday’s annual Sportsman’s Giveway, being held at the Agri-Exposition Center in Clinton between at 6 p.m.

Both are great events whose funds benefit some very important aspects of our community,.

Proceeds from Saturday’s Sportsman’s Giveaway will benefit the Newton Grove Fire Department, helping volunteers purchase the equipment and gear they need to keep doing the things they do best — saving lives and property.

The Rosario Scholarship Golf Tournament is yet another very worthwhile event that serves two very important purposes. One is to honor the memory of 6-year-old John Robert Rosario who died in 2015. The bright-eyed young man with the magical smile loved the fire department and wanted to grow up to be just like his dad, Robert, a firefighter with the Vann Crossroads Fire/Rescue Department.

Because of the young man’s devotion to firefighters, and his dad, proceeds from the golf tournament held in his memory will, in part, go to students who have a parent or close relative working as a first responder.

In both cases, support of these events will do good things for others and, in turn, will come back to our community seven-fold by virtue of the people who will be helped, the growth that will be seen and the improvements that can be made.

It’s why we always throw our support behind so many fundraising events in our community every year, and why we encourage others to follow suit.

Before long, the United Way of Sampson County will kick off its next campaign, with hopes of helping around a dozen member agencies. The Shriners will soon hold their fish fry and the Clinton-Sampson Rotary Club won’t be too far behind with its annual Shrimp Fest fundraising. That will be followed in short order by Sampson Community’s annual golf tournament.

And those only scratch the surface of the fundraisings that are on our horizon.

We realize that everyone can’t support them all, but we hope those who can will, just as they have done year after year after year in this wonderful community.

Whether supporting one or all, we thank you in advance for helping others make a difference in the lives of others. We sincerely believe you will never regret the help you offered.