The local flair

There are many good things about being a community newspaper. One of them is the ability we have to promote all the great things that our young people do. Whether it’s pre-school or high school, on the dance floor or in the athletic arena, in the classroom or within a club, touting their successes and their talents is something we do freqently and take great pride in being able to share with readers.

Being uniquely community-oriented also allows us the opportunity to partner with others across Sampson to do great things. Our Great Grocery Giveaway would be one example. Thanks to a joint effort between the newspaper and Carlie C’s, we’ve been able to give nearly a half dozen $100 gift certificates to local residents for the purchase of grocery items.

Now, thanks to support and partnerships with great advertisers and community supporters Smithfield and South River Electric Membership Corporation, we are resuming a very important part of our newspaper — student-drawn weather photos that will be the focal point of our Weather Page each day.

The local art was put on hiatus a few years back for several reasons, but the mindset of the paper has always been to revive those weather photos. And that’s exactly what we are doing, starting today.

Providing student-drawn weather allows us to do several important things. Firstly, we are able to promote the arts, an aspect of school and this community we strongly support and believe plays a pivotal role in the development of well-rounded individuals.

Secondly, it allows us to put on display the talents of our elementary students. Just as the always popular school page, which runs October-April, shows off what our teenagers are doing in high school, the weather drawings give us a little glimpse at the talents of our youngsters.

Clinton City Schools Superintendent Dr. Stuart Blount, always a supporter of partnerships that promote students, was among those who was thrilled we decided to return to the student-drawn art.

In his words: “I am excited about the opportunity to once again have student-drawn weather photos in the newspaper. The arts are such an important component of our schools and our community. This allows young artists in our schools to show off their talents and it helps to build their level of confidence, and I see that as very important.”

Sampson County Schools superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy, another big supporter of such partnerships, has had similar reactions to the partnerships we have been able to offer through the newspaper.

Likewise the officials at Harrells and Mintz.

And that’s what makes the return of the weather photos so special: it has the support of everyone involved and it is hyper-local.

We hope readers will enjoy the weather photos; and we hope readers will praise children for their drawings while supporting and thanking Smithfield and South River for helping us to make this possible once again.

SI returns to student-drawn weather today