Choosing to give to United Way

Sampson County citizens are known for their giving spirit. It’s a fact we often repeat, but we don’t believe it can be said enough. Whether it’s raising money for cancer survivors, buying a fish or shrimp plate to help the Shriners, Lions or Rotarians with special projects or helping local schools meet special fundraising goals, when people are asked to contribute, they do so at an optimum level.

That has continued to be the case, even in past, leaner economic times, a testimony to the understanding Sampsonians have of how helping others ultimately improves the quality of life for everyone.

To that end, thousands upon thousands of Sampsonians from all walks of life have made sincere choices to give of their own resources to help those in greatest need, both here and across the world. We see it every week, as benefits, sings, plate sales, missionary trips and food drives meet their goals.

As we’ve opened our hearts — and our purse strings — we’ve never forgotten our own backyard. We hope this year will be no different.

In that backyard is an organization that touches, in some way, nearly every life in Sampson County, and assists with everything from education and outreach to programs that benefit the poor and the elderly.

That organization is United Way of Sampson County. The organization kicked off its annual campaign a week or so back, setting as its goal $175,000, money which will be put back into the local economy through member agencies that benefit thousands upon thousands of us day in and day out.

As in year’s past, we believe residents, many who offer contributions through payroll deductions, will come through with the help United Way needs. Because people come through, UW was able to meet and exceed its goal last year. We believe it can happen again this year, too.

All of you, like us, understand how important this agency is to our community and want to do what we can to help.

The local United Way continues to do great good within our neighborhoods and for our neighbors, providing avenues for assistance with much-needed mammograms or wheelchair ramps; assisting boys and girls grow emotionally, physically, educationally and spiritually; and filling a plethora of other needs within our own community and, in many cases, within our own families.

People within Sampson County — business men and women, minimum wage employees, professional and industrial leaders — have shown their support for United Way year after year, raising thousands upon thousands of dollars through the years.

This year, United Way’s organizers are counting on us again, as a community, to continue that tradition of helping others.

No question, with the giving hearts of Sampson County’s citizens, the $175,000 goal can be met and even exceeded as we join together to provide for our own as we always seem to do. Smithfield, Prestage and local school systems are already doing their part for the cause, setting the pace — and the example — we hope the rest of us will follow.

It’s all about caring and choosing to channel that caring into the action of giving. It doesn’t take great amounts of money; it just takes everyone giving what they can.

For as little as what we might spend in a week at the nearby snack machine, we can provide make an enormous difference in the lives of people right here in our community. That’s what United Way does — it unites; it brings people together; it allows us an avenue to give.

We should give; we should live United.

United Way is a wonderful organization that does wonderful things to help improve the quality of life for those we come in contact with each and every day.

As we give — and we should give as much as we can and to as many viable organizations as we can — let us begin at home and let us unite in an effort to make life a little easier and a little happier for those who need it the very most.

United Way allows us to do just that. We should choose to care; we should choose to give to United Way.