Weekend edition will offer best of both worlds

King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

Perhaps it’s hard to imagine applying that portion of scripture to the newspaper business, but in some ways it fits, particularly now as The Sampson Independent makes a move we hope residents, subscribers and advertisers will embrace and enjoy.

After all, everything we do is designed to offer better and more timely service to those who have depended on our newspaper for advertising and news for well over 90 years.

That’s why we believe a switch to a Weekend Edition starting next Saturday, Nov. 18, will be beneficial to all: it offers everything that our Sunday edition has always offered but it will be delivered a day earlier, providing readers and advertisers news, sports and advertising 24 hours sooner than we’ve been doing.

It provides those who like to spend Saturday shopping locally an opportunity to see and take advantage of advertising specials across Sampson, shopping for vehicles, picking up gifts, buying groceries or doing anything in downtown Clinton, something that wasn’t so easy to do on most Sundays.

For readers, it gives you an entire weekend to catch up on the latest sports scores, the most recent news, the weddings and engagements, lunch menus, school news, birthdays, vital statistics and college happenings. If Saturday is your day to lounge around, you can enjoy your paper and a cup of coffee a day earlier. If not, you still have Sunday to catch up as you’ve always done.

We think it’s the best of both worlds; we hope you will too.

The decision to provide a Saturday-Sunday weekend edition wasn’t made lightly or without talking to many of you — our loyal advertisers and readers. That input was invaluable and much appreciated.

And so, just short of a week from now, we will start this new journey, one that will be added to the other new roads we’ve ventured down together through the decades. We can remember, for example, when The Sampson Independent made the wise choice to focus on local news over state and national news back in the 80s; when we began offering daily color on the front page and in our ads back in the early 90s; and when we switched from an afternoon paper to a morning one in the early 2000s.

Each could have been viewed as a change. But we have always liked to think of them as opportunities to improve.

In each case, as with others, the new ventures have taken a little getting used to, but thankfully our loyal readers and advertisers have always done just that, finding in the long run that the changes were beneficial to them in some way.

It is our sincere hope that you view the Saturday-Sunday Weekend Edition the same way.

Like the other opportunities we’ve provided through the years, this takes nothing away. Instead it offers our very best to you a little earlier. And we offer it to you with our thanks for always helping our business to be a successful part of Sampson County and your lives.