Open your hearts to help


We, the members of the board of the Harrells Community Center, ask everyone who reads this article or even hears about us, to open your hearts during this time of the year when there is love in the world for your fellow man.

We have been working hard trying to raise enough money to repair our building. With all the effort we do, it is still not enough. The building houses the senior citizens of the community where they gather for a hot meal, socialization, and quilting on a daily basis. We also offer community-based programs, educational programs teaching nutrition, and physical activity. We also have fund-raisers to help, but that is just enough to pay for the gas to heat the building during these cold months.

Everyone knows there is not a lot of money here; we do the best we can with what we have, and we are so grateful for all the help we can get. We offer a place for all people to come and get food one day a month from the second Harvest Food Bank. We do a lot of positive things to benefit the community. We are in need of window, flooring, doors, installation for the walls. We have asked the county for help for the past four years. They don’t see the need to even consider helping us. We pay taxes just like the rest of the people in the county; we feel that at some point we should get a return on some of the money we have paid in.

We are asking businesses and individuals to help in any way they can.

If you need additional information please contact the board chairman. You can make your checks payable to Harrells Community Center. Our mailing address is 1758 Bland School Road, Harrells, NC 28444 and phones numbers are: 910-214-1079 or 910-532-4988.

We thank you for opening your hearts to help us during this time of the year when it is most needed.

Russell Lee