All to blame for shutdown

Thumbs Down

Members of Congress — Republicans and Democrats, alike — get a big Thumbs Down for the name-calling, belly-aching, finger-pointing and ridiculous Tweet-fests that have become the norm to governance. Blame for the brief government shutdown we just experienced falls squarely at the feet of every lawmaker in Washington, including President Donald Trump. No amount of spin should convince citizens differently, though people on both sides of the political coin are desperately trying, through a cadre of social media avenues, to out-lie each other in hopes of doing just that.

It’s time the people with the real political muscle — the voters — stop allowing lawmakers to brainwash them into believing just about anything and demand a real accounting of what is happening, or not happening.

Republicans and Democrats could have stopped the shutdown. Trump could have stopped the shutdown. None of them wanted to enough. It’s a game, and the losers, we fear, will always be the American people.