Investing in United Way helps many

The United Way of Sampson County needs the community’s help to reach its 2017 campaign goal, and they need it quickly — by Feb. 1.

Many within Sampson have already answered the call, contributing through payroll deduction at their place of employment or with individual and corporate gifts. But with only 2 percent to go to meet their $175,000 goal, the board and its member agencies need a few more people willing to give something toward the campaign in order for them to hit the mark.

This isn’t just about reaching a goal, one the non-profit has been able to do because of generous donations for several years now; it’s more about what the money raised does for the community and the partner agencies United Way helps year after year. Agencies like the Girl Scouts, the Clinton Area Foundation for Education, the Boy Scouts, 4-H, Special Olympics, Friends of Education in Sampson County, the Child Advocacy Center and the Boy Scouts.

Currently sitting at $171, 500, the UW board is just $3,500 short of the amount it takes to fund agencies for the coming year. While $3,500 is a lot of money to most of us, collectively it only means a handful of people or companies who haven’t yet committed to United Way being generous enough to opt to help.

We hope those individuals will find it within their hearts to do so before the Feb. 1 deadline.

Giving to United Way gives back to the community in myriad ways, improving the quality of life for thousands of people, young and old, alike.

In the last 26 years, Sampson’s UW chapter has invested more than $3 million in the community, proving what we have reiterated on these pages year after year:

United Way of Sampson County makes a difference.

It is, without question, an organization that returns its good fortune to the community.

And even though it’s part of the national United Way organization, it is important to note that less than 2 percent of the money the local chapter raises each year leaves Sampson. That is a testament to this United Way’s attempts to give at home first.

So, in essence, money contributed locally is spent locally, and decisions about how that money is disseminated is made by local residents focused on being good stewards of the funds hard-working individuals and dedicated businesses and industries here provide each year.

It is why, we are certain, industries like Prestage Farms, Smithfield, Sampson County and Clinton City schools and many others continue to grow their contributions, much of it made by hard-working employees who believe in giving back to their communities. Industrial leaders back our local United Way because they see the impact their dollars make.

So do we. And we constantly tell the heartwarming stories we hope helps drive that point home to those United Way board members hope will see the need to give of their hard-earned money to help others.

If you can, we hope you will help United Way reach its goal, one they haven’t raised in a decade, realizing the significance of helping others but understanding the importance of staying within a community’s means to support.

We continue to applaud United Way, its agencies and most particularly those who believe in the cause and its local impact and give generously year after year. And we urge others who can to partner with them in giving.

When it comes to local giving, none do it any better than Sampson’s United Way. Investing in UW is an investment in our community.