School chief praises board


The month of January marks the annual observance of School Board Appreciation Month.

Reading board information, attending meetings, advocating for funding and other resources, and many other small and large duties fall to seven key members of the Sampson County Schools team. These seven individuals have the often thankless task of serving as members of the Board of Education. I could not let another day pass without expressing my gratitude for the support of:

Tim Register, chairman

Kim Schmidlin, vice chair

Mary Brown

Tracy Dunn

Telfair Simpson

Dewain Sinclair

Patrick Usher

These members of our community provide leadership for our district, always keeping the students and staff of Sampson County Schools at the forefront. Countless hours spent preparing for meetings, attendance at school and community events to wave the flag for our district, and participating in training to improve skills are all a part of the “job” of these individuals.

We are tremendously grateful to them for their devotion of time and talent to the work of our district. Please join me in thanking each of them for their service.

With gratitude,

Dr. Eric C. Bracy,


Sampson County Schools