Our hat is off to Darden

Gail Darden has been a stalwart in the Newton Grove community for as long as we can remember. Today we give her a thumbs up for a job well done, both in her duties at the town’s branch of First Citizens Bank and in her staunch loyalty to the community she proudly calls home.

Darden retired Wednesday from the job she has held at First Citizens for decades, a place where, alongside Sue Vernon, she has helped many an individual get their first loan, set up their first bank account and work to make their financial and personal dreams come true.

A smile always at the ready and with wise advice to offer, Darden has always been someone who mirrored what true customer service is all about, and we have always appreciated her assistance, her affable personality and her willingness to support her community.

Along with Vernon, Darden is one of those responsible for the annual Circle of Lights that has become synonymous with Christmas in Newton Grove. She’s also been a big supporter of the 100 Committee as well as educational endeavors within the Hobbton District and beyond.

Our hat is off to Darden for a remarkable career; and our hope is that while she is enjoying a much deserved retirement that her leaving the bank doesn’t mean we won’t continue to see her championing great causes for Newton Grove. Knowing Darden we are sure it won’t be.