Nordin a true mentor

Brenda Nordin is a champion of education. In truth, she is a champion of many things, and she deserves a tremendous thank you for her time as an educator, and now for her time as coordinator of Sampson County Schools’ Beginning Teachers Mentorship program.

There is no better mentor for young teachers than Nordin.

Always positive, always a cheerleader and always willing to lend a helping hand, Nordin epitomizes what new teachers need to help them over the rough patches of a fledgling career. That she was honored by the N.C. Department of Public instruction for the job she does flawlessly only proves what we, and those in the school system, have known all along.

DPI officials evaluation only adds an exclamation point to the treasure Nordin is. Words like distinguished and accomplished were used most frequently in the assessment, along with exemplary and excellence. We agree with every adjective, and could heap more upon those used to bestow the honor.

In a Wednesday Sampson Independent article, Nordin was touted for providing support “over and beyond” what is required. That’s no surprise either. For that’s exactly how the educator has been during her entire career, both in the classroom and as an administrator. In truth, that’s how Nordin is in every aspect of her life. She always gives 110 percent, if not more, and those she directs her attention toward is beneficiary of tremendous friendship, prayers, support and love.

Beginning teachers are fortunate to have Nordin, as is Sampson County Schools. In our estimation, all those who are fortunate to have Nordin among their friends and co-workers has a pot of gold at their disposal.

She deserves the accolades lavished upon her this week. Our thumb is up high in the air, touting her for always going above and beyond the call of duty to make another’s life just a little easier.

Sampson County is better because of folks like Nordin.