Sampson Middle students shine

We are gushing with pride today thanks to middle-schoolers across our county who not only excelled at a recent State Jr. Beta Club Convention but won the accolades and respect of strangers who witnessed their behavior away from the events.

In a Facebook post directed to Clinton City Schools, Gary Lea Cockman Sr., of Greensboro, wrote the following: “My fiancee and I are having dinner at Golden Corral, Greensboro, (Sunday 2/4/18) and are encountering 2 buses of young adults from your school … we would like to take this time to say THANK YOU for good behavior that is being displayed by these young adults. Please share with those involved.”

We add our thanks to Cockman’s and our praise to this group of 71 Sampson Middle School students who not only outdid themselves in Beta Club competitions but represented their school, their school system, and our county well outside of the educational arena.

And it goes to prove what we’ve always said when it comes to behavior and the fact that people are watching and interviewing all the time. It’s important to always show respect and act cordially, because you never know who is watching and taking note. And you never know when you might be in front of that person again.

Students had no idea they were being critiqued as they ate at the Greensboro restaurant Sunday, which makes their behavior all the more impressive and all the more deserving of our Thumbs Up. They weren’t doing it because someone was watching; they were obviously doing it because of the caliber individuals these young people are and the quality of the adults in charge of them.

They were, and continue to be, shining examples. And we thank them.

While we applaud their achievements at the convention, it is their behavior that has made the most lasting impression, both on strangers and us. And with this editorial, we hope to spread the good news to our reading public who deserve to know that we have young people in our midst who are indeed a joy and pleasure to be around.

According to Paula Darden, teacher and Beta Club advisor at Sampson Middle, “we couldn’t have been more proud of their behavior and their success at the convention. Their dedication, diligence, and behavior is truly to be commended.”

We agree 100 percent.

Our hat is off to Sampson Middle School, the parents of these young folks and most particularly to the students who can show us all a thing or two about putting our best foot forward no matter where we are.